The New American Revolution of 2020

Many of my friends are distraught and confused about the election.  One wrote saying he had given up hope.  This person is well informed and a former elected official.  Several of my liberal friends are not open to any discussion about vote fraud.  They are blinded by their fervent hated of Trump.  This greatly concerned me, as our media (MSM)'s meme, "there was no election fraud," is having the intentional effect of wearing people down — nothing to see here; now move along and admit that Biden is the president-elect.

Don't rely on the recent statement by DHS/CISA — "the November 3rd election was the most secure in American history."  Ignore reports by the MSM for your own sanity and let the rule of law play out. 

The MSM are in lockstep in reporting disinformation and lies to the people.  Big Tech is openly censoring discussions about this election on its platforms under the guise of disinformation.  It contributed large sums of money to the Biden campaign.  The elitist MSM had the audacity to say it is the arbiter of our presidential election.  Wrong!  Such authority is not given to the MSM in the Constitution, but resides with the people.  This vote is not even certified yet.

The Trump legal team is exercising the constitutional right to question the results of this election on your behalf to ensure that your vote was properly counted whether you are a Democrat or Republican.  Once the legal challenges conclude, which may involve state legislatures and the courts as provided for in the Constitution and by federal law, the certification process will continue.  Then and only then will either President Trump or Biden be the president-elect, and not a minute sooner.

More than 72 million votes were counted for President Trump.  Why did Biden win more votes in this election than did Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama?  There was no Biden campaign.  Biden hung out in his basement for most of the time.  When Biden did emerge and go several miles into Pennsylvania for rallies, no one showed up.  Why did the MSM not press Biden and his son on alleged financial improprieties — e.g., financial dealing with the CCP, Russians, and Ukraine?  Why did so many down ticket races go for Republicans in the US Senate and House and state elections?  Why didn't this large turnout translate into votes for President Trump?  Common sense dictates that, with the enthusiastic turnouts for Trump rallies, this goes against the grain.  Why did the trend in the key battleground states shift in the middle of the night away from President Trump to Biden?  Why did these vote flips occur simultaneously in key states that shut their counting down for several hours?  Statistically, this can be shown to be impossible.  Why aren't the MSM digging into these apparent anomalies?

Watch the press conference by the Trump legal team.  The MSM demanded that evidence be shown of vote fraud and afterward reported there was no evidence.  In a general sense, evidence was shown, but the MSM were too blind to see it.  Even Tucker Carlson was asking for some evidence.  Attorney Jenna Ellis schooled the media: this presentation was only the opening statement of their case that will be presented with the evidence and litigated in the courts soon enough.  This is completely understandable, since the team's clock is ticking down.  This case is massive.  The attorneys must sort through the reams of documents and affidavits with more coming in by the minute to prepare their case.  Where are the DOJ and FBI?

I am a 35-year law enforcement professional with extensive experience in developing, filing, and assisting with the prosecution of complex criminal conspiracy cases.  I have spent my life looking for patterns that are not normal and connecting the dots.  Full disclosure: I've worked at one of the AP data collection centers for elections for over ten years.  From my experience, AP data collection centers are impartial and strive for accuracy at all levels.  But in the end, garbage in, garbage out.

At first glance, I knew that the results were highly suspicious when I got up the next morning.  I emailed Andrea Widburg, an editor at the American Thinker.  I said that there was a suspicious pattern in these earlier morning vote flips that a statistical analysis could tease out.  See her previous posts at the American Thinker on the election — for instance, herehere, and here.

In my professional opinion, there was organized systemic vote fraud in key states to shift votes away from President Trump to Biden.  This was done using the Dominion vote system, used in many states.  The Dominion system is corrupt through and through.  Dominion execs failed to show at the last minute at a hearing called last week by the Pennsylvania Legislature.  Dominion has shuttered its offices, including the office it shared with a Soros entity, as told by Sidney Powell and reported by Andrea Widburg.

The Dominion vote-tabulating system should never have been allowed to tabulate votes.  Information about this system's vulnerability was known for years.  This system can be exploited on many levels from the inside and outside to flip votes at will.  This system does not have the normal cyber-security preventive measures that one would expect of such a critical system — e.g., its machines are not air-walled from the Internet as claimed.

My opinion is based on this analysis by a top-tier cyber-security engineering firm that has top-level security clearances and works with classified governmental programs (I can personally vouch for this firm).  This analysis is corroborated by this Texas security firm done several years ago; this analysis by yet another expert, coupled with this statistical analysis and blog post alleging Antifa connections with a V.P. of Dominion.  See this damning email (as yet unvetted)* I received from a high-level governmental source whom I trust implicitly.  Why haven't the MSM done their own due diligence in investigating the possibility of vote fraud?

There are very serious national security risks posed by Biden and his son's alleged dealings with China (CCP) and others while this Kabuki theater goes on (e.g., was COVID a bio-weapon the CCP used either intentionally or accidentally to interfere with this election?), could this be followed by a cyber-attack against our infrastructure, or worse, to invade Taiwan?

The people who elected President Trump understood that both sides of the political aisle were self-dealing.  They were lining their own pockets with public funds.  President Trump was no angel, was unpresidential, blunt, and crude.  The people knew what they were getting when they voted for Trump.  Trump was hired to drain the swamp.  Draining the swamp is akin to Jesus overturning the tables of the money changers in the Temple.  This vote fraud is yet another act committed in furtherance of an ongoing conspiracy by a criminal enterprise as defined in RICO.   This criminal enterprise seeks to overturn the rights guaranteed to the people by the Constitution by seditious acts.  This is the reset sought by excited progressives

*this email apparenlty is bogis, so should not be relied upon.

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