'Drop and Roll': The system for stealing votes from Trump

I spoke with a friend today who said it was a shame that Trump hadn't beaten the margin of fraud in this election.  His comment implies that, if Trump had campaigned differently, he might have won.  That is the wrong way to look at election fraud in 2020.  Thanks to sophisticated computer algorithms that manipulated voting data, the computer would never let Trump win.  However, Trump's margin of victory forced the computer into extreme action that revealed the massive fraud.  The Gateway Pundit has put out a straightforward video that shows what happened in the swing states to ensure a Biden "victory."

In the old days, if you knew that your opponent was inclined to cheat, you assumed and planned for a "margin of fraud."  Thus, you might assume that 3% of the votes for your opponent were fraudulent.  These would be cemetery votes, non-citizen votes, faked ballots, or cheating during the counting (all of which we've seen in this election).

Therefore, to win against your cheating opponent, you would have to get enough real votes to overcome that 3% in imaginary votes.  Beating the margin of fraud, therefore, depended on a "get out the vote" effort.

This election was different.  Going in, the Democrats clearly believed they'd have the usual margin of fraud on their side.  Indeed, with the help of the mail-in voting that the Democrat states initiated, ostensibly because of the Wuhan virus, they probably envisioned an even more comfortable margin of fraud than they'd ordinarily have.

However, Democrats couldn't help noticing Trump's rallies compared to Biden's rallies.  While Biden drew 5.2 people (the "point two" coming from a dog or a toddler), Trump drew 52,000 people to his rallies.  Democrats weren't worried, though, because they had an ace up the sleeve.  This ace was the Dominion software.

Even if Biden failed to eke out a victory with the old-fashioned fraudulent votes, they knew that some vote manipulation within the computer system would put him over the top.  The scenario they undoubtedly envisioned was that, while counting the mail-in ballots in a given state, they might learn that Biden was 10,000 or 20,000 votes behind Trump.

In that case, they would instruct the Dominion software system to do one (or all) of three things: (1) switch a percentage of votes from Trump to Biden; (2) invent imaginary votes for both Trump and Biden, provided that the larger percentage went to Biden; and/or (3) create imaginary votes for Biden and, at the same time, subtract votes for Trump (thus ensuring that the overall total of votes wouldn't be too large).

This plan would almost certainly have worked if Trump had, in fact, been leading in swing states by only a few thousand votes here and a few thousand votes there.  The Dominion system's algorithms would have added a few thousand votes for Biden, switched a few more thousand votes from Trump to Biden, and subtracted a few thousand votes from Trump with no one the wiser.

Democrats hadn't anticipated that Trump would lead not by a few thousand votes, but by hundreds of thousands of votes.  Their regular vote fraud was inconsequential.  Trump had destroyed their fraud-based margin of error.  They needed to regroup, which is why, in the middle of the night, the swing states stopped counting while the brains behind the Dominion system decided what to do.

It appears that they finally decided to go with the original plan.  Indeed, there was nothing else Democrats could do if they wanted Biden to show more votes.  And so they pressed the "red button," and off those Dominion systems went, wildly creating votes for Biden.

If you've ever watched The Sorcerer's Apprentice segment in the original Fantasia, what happened inside the Dominion software systems was very similar to what happened to Mickey when he tried to create a magic broom to carry a few buckets of water, something the sorcerer would never have noticed.  Instead, Mickey ended up with hundreds of brooms creating tidal waves of water.  The Democrats, unlike Mickey, had no sorcerer to make it right.  That's why there were so much data showing anomalies.

Gateway Pundit has created a video showing just one type of anomalous information.  Although the video is very simply made, I promise you'll find it riveting:

(If that fails to play, you can view the video here.)

Image: Vote printing in Georgia. YouTube screen grab.

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