Are there no incorruptible Democrats?

It should be obvious to all Americans that the left orchestrated and pulled off the theft of the 2020 election.  The plan had most likely been in the works for years, which is why Nancy Pelosi was so sure that "even if Trump won on Election Night, Biden would be inaugurated in January."  The fix has been in for a long time, which is why Biden could claim to have "built the most extensive vote fraud organization in history."  That was probably a slip of his tangled tongue, but he spoke the truth.

Over the past two weeks, we have all heard a great deal about the many ways the Democrats cheated in the mostly corrupt Democrat-run cities like Philadelphia and Detroit, Pittsburgh, too, and certain counties in Wisconsin and Georgia.  How did they do it?  Let us count the ways.

Some of the Democrat bosses took it upon themselves to change the rules without going to their legislatures.  They dropped the signature matching requirement on all absentee ballots.  Millions of votes were cast via false absentee ballots so that when the people whose names they had used came to vote; they were told they could not, as they had already voted when they had not.  They were then given provisional ballots, which are often not counted at all.

Millions of dead people voted.  And most deceitful of all was the vote machines built and designed by Dominion (now based in Toronto), which use software designed in Venezuela to ensure the re-election of Hugo Chávez over and over, and then Maduro, both communists of the worst order.  The machines can be programmed to flip votes by any percentage chosen by those in charge of the cheating.  And flip them they did, by the tens of thousands.

As most people know by now, President Trump was way ahead in each of the states in question on Election Night, so much so that they simply stopped counting.  Their algorithm had been based on an underestimation of the number of votes Trump would receive, so they had to regroup.  They quickly and illegally began creating fake votes with ballots marked only for Biden, no down-ballot candidates marked.  Whistleblowers have come forward to tell of operatives running those ballots through the machines three times!  Republican observers were forced out of counting centers, corralled where they could not possibly observe the ballot-counting.  This happened in all of the states that now stand accused of vote fraud.

The Democrats have always cheated to win elections. LBJ, JFK — there is a long list of underhanded ways of winning for Democrats.  Obama won his first election by charging his opponent with vote fraud.  The Democrats of Minnesota cheated Norm Coleman out of his win by coming up with enough ballots after the fact to put Al Franken in the Senate.  That single bit of cheating gave the nation Obamacare, the wholesale assault on our health care.

The Democrats have always felt entitled to the power they seek and feel no qualms about stealing their wins.  What is astounding is that not one elected Democrat will stand up and say, "Stop!  This is wrong."  Not one.  They are all onboard for the win by any means necessary.  They all know that massive fraud took place, but not one will call for recounts, for tossing the obviously fake ballots; they do not care if they won illegitimately.  Not one will call for upholding the Constitution and call for the state legislatures to enforce the rules they passed and, given the amount of cheating that has taken place, call for them to do their due diligence.  Instead, the Democrats — all of them — are calling for the president to concede to a stolen election they all know Biden did not win fairly. 

And just as they are in favor of vote fraud, the Democrats support the entirely ridiculous lockdowns and mask requirements as part of their "great reset."  Totalitarianism appears to be their goal; lockdowns and mask requirements are the first step.  What is shocking is the proportion of the population so willing to subjugate themselves to authoritarians.  Even though we learn each and every day how thoroughly hypocritical our self-appointed betters consider themselves — few if any abide by the rules they demand the rest of us live by — these same petty tyrants expect us to obey their dictates that are clearly meant to destroy the middle class and make us dependent on a despotic government.

It is time for all Americans to rise up against these oppressors.  That is exactly who and what they are: oppressors.  They do not care about truth, fairness, or legitimacy.  They care only about the power to control the rest of us.  And now they want to put us in re-education camps!  How's that for a wake-up call?  Is there an honest or ethical Democrat in this country?  If there were, he, she, or they would be asking for an investigation into the vote fraud that has occurred.  If there is, please come forward.

"Our government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill, it teaches the whole people by example. Crime is contagious. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a low unto himself; it invites anarchy." —Louis Brandeis

Not one Democrat will come forward because all of them know that if they do, they will be doxxed, canceled, and tormented with death threats, their families will be threatened.  That is who and what the left in America is today.  This is the Democrat party in 2020.  America-loving citizens should all be afraid, very afraid.

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