All Republicans should support President Trump's legal fights

Before the 2016 election, there were Republicans who publicly stated they would vote for Hillary Clinton before they would vote for Donald Trump.  These were prominent figures, including former office-holders and commentators.  They fit into the group of media figures, elected officials, television personalities, and Barack Obama who mocked Trump and ridiculed his candidacy, saying he would never be president.  All were wrong, some ruined their political careers, and the rest became the butt of their own jokes and have remained there for the last four years, while the video compilation of their predictions has played over and over and over again.

As much as many dislike President Trump, I believe that ' '  most people agree he's a very smart man, and smart men never forget those who figuratively stab them in the back.  Certainly, Trump hasn't, and as a non-politician, he has accomplished as much as, or more than, any president in our history, with the help of those loyal followers and believers in his America First agenda.  Has loyalty ever been more important?

This struck me today when I heard a clip of CNN's Jake Tapper threatening some by name, but also collectively, all who currently support President Trump's legal battles to ensure the election was conducted lawfully.  He threatened them with their legacies and reputations for standing in the way of Joe Biden's presidency.  He predicted the legal efforts will fail, and called them a coup.  Can you believe that?  Imagine the absurdity of a Democrat hack calling the lawful actions of the sitting president a coup against his possible successor.  He must be tapping into some repressed memories from four years ago when a sitting president actually did exactly that.

The equivalencies aren't there, despite the accusations, threats, and complaints from the MSM, the Biden team, and even a number of Republicans calling for Trump to concede because of the lack of evidence.  They hint at the stupidity of the attorneys working with the campaign because of the number of cases already lost or withdrawn.  These Republicans are insulting, self-serving, and out of line.  And they walk a dangerous path, along with the Democrats and the MSM, as they push the narrative that the election is over and Biden won.  Should the allegations in the Trump lawsuits be proven, and Trump be declared the winner, how much greater will the violence be from the Democrats who had the election "stolen" from them after being assured it was over (that irony will be lost to the MSM)?

The Democrats have conducted an escalating scorched-earth campaign over the last four years, and the narrative insinuates they would never damage and embarrass the nation as President Trump is supposedly doing now by waiting for the legal cases to run their course.  How quickly the MSM forget the Democrats' plan not to concede, urged by Hillary Clinton herself, who now hypocritically criticizes President Trump for not conceding.  It's funny, and it's sad.

I believe I can speak for most Trump-supporters and say that any Republican who publicly speaks out against President Trump before the legal cases are over, will be held accountable, either by President Trump himself in his second term, or by us, his supporters.  Any who believe that buddying up to the Biden team is a symbol of unity, and better for America, have already abandoned Trump, conservatism, and America.  Joining the team that created division by excluding the black man from the human race, then ensuring that the wounds festered for the next 160 years, is not unity.  Joining the team that got a black man elected to the presidency, then sowed racial strife, division, anti-law enforcement, and street riots, is not unity.  Rightfully, your political career is over either way this election is finally decided. 

It's not the Democrats' cancel culture out to destroy you; it's the greatness of Trump's America, leaving you behind as you walked out the door.  Choices always have consequences.  You have every right to speak your mind.  You may join the supporters of violence from Antifa, BLM, and other anarchists; the supporters of infanticide, socialism, and gun confiscation; the supporters of surrendering our national sovereignty to globalists and using U.S. taxpayer money to pay the world's worst polluters; the supporters of simultaneously opening the borders and eliminating COVID-19; the supporters of eliminating fossil fuels while lowering unemployment; and the supporters of strict identity diversity coupled with universal victimhood, among others.

You may stand shoulder to shoulder with the man who never in his life got a single foreign policy decision right but may be singly in charge of ours for the rest of his cognitively-impaired life, or the next four years, whichever comes first.  You may stand with a man who has lied about nearly every aspect of his life and education, except the part filled with corruption where he used his family and his public service role to get rich.  His chip-off-the-ol'-block son had to bring that into focus for us.

You may stand with a man who has never stated an original idea; only echoed, copied, or stolen them from others.  Never has a living human being ever been more of a puppet than Joe Biden, and the greatest danger we have ever faced as a nation may be before us.  Who knows the extent of damage the United States may face from Joe Biden's puppet-masters, both foreign and domestic?  

Donald N. Finley is a retired U.S. Air Force colonel.

Image credit: Pixabay public domain.

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