All Republicans should support President Trump's legal fights

Before the 2016 election, there were Republicans who publicly stated they would vote for Hillary Clinton before they would vote for Donald Trump.  These were prominent figures, including former office-holders and commentators.  They fit into the group of media figures, elected officials, television personalities, and Barack Obama who mocked Trump and ridiculed his candidacy, saying he would never be president.  All were wrong, some ruined their political careers, and the rest became the butt of their own jokes and have remained there for the last four years, while the video compilation of their predictions has played over and over and over again. As much as many dislike President Trump, I believe that ' '  most people agree he's a very smart man, and smart men never forget those who figuratively stab them in the back.  Certainly, Trump hasn't, and as a non-politician, he has accomplished as much as, or more than, any...(Read Full Post)
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