The Countdown of Good vs. Evil: The 2024 Presidential Election

America is at a tipping point.  Will we continue the downward spiral into a fascist third-world dictatorship?  Can we change course back to a constitutional republic that values the free will of men and women, freedom of speech and assembly, the rule of law, and equal justice? 

Already in the descent to an authoritarian state, free speech is suppressed and thought is censored and replaced by Orwellian New Speak enforced by the thought police.  The free press is transformed into shameless state-run propaganda outlets that run the approved false narrative of the day (here)(here)(here)(here).  The state takes guns away under the guise of public safety.  The thought enforcers of the state supersede local control of the police.  Scapegoats are created.

Yes, the evil of the 1930s is again rising.  Victor Davis Hanson calls it "Our French Revolution." Biden is a mere puppet. The revolutionaries are the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Globalists, the radical Marxist left, self-dealing and corrupt politicians, the Deep State, the ruling elite, the leftist media complex, big tech, multinational corporations, and foreign adversaries.  "These actors have robbed the public treasury of billions of dollars in broad daylight.”  These actors seek and are driven by control of the people, to retain and gain more power and money.”

The constitutional checks and balances have failed to prevent the abuse of power and law violations because of corruption.  Our sheepdogs have gone rogue and no longer protect the flock from evil.  The judiciary, the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA, and others have gone full Stasi supporting the authoritarian state (here).  President Trump is and was a direct threat to the conspiracy, as was Jesus with the religious aristocracy of his day. 

As I wrote before:

. . . there is substantial probable cause (PC) to believe that agents of our government, including President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, aided, or abetted by others engaged in an ongoing criminal conspiracy with a common purpose. . . [a]criminal enterprise as defined in Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO)

There must be accountability of these conspirators to restore faith in the government we empower to govern.   It is up to us, We the People, to do so.  How?

Seek out alternative sources of information:

The leftist media has little or no intellectual curiosity to pursue stories of governmental corruption and hold it accountable -- "the recent [political] indictment of Trump for a crime that doesn't exist – "Show me the man, and I'll show you the crime.” Professor Alan Dershowitz says this conspiracy will do anything to Get Trump

Don’t be a sheeple, blindly trusting the government.  Don’t succumb to state propaganda.  President Joe Biden and his administration lie with impunity to carry out policies that are pernicious to the people.  Don’t be afraid to raise your voice (here). 

Exposing the truth is all-powerful!

Broaden your sources of information, such as the American Thinker.  To do otherwise allows government propaganda echoed by the media to go unchallenged.  Instead, use your common sense to sort out the truth.   

The administrative state must be held accountable

The DOJ, the FBI, the CIA, and others intentionally violated the civil rights of citizens, including the right of free speech, unreasonable search and seizure, ignored the rule of law and equal justice for all.  Instead, all engaged in or covered up for politically based selective prosecutions by entrapment, lying, the abuse of power, and unlawful use of force under the color of authority. 

The FBI and the CIA ran disinformation operations to interfere with the 2016 and 2020 Presidential elections and most likely affected the outcome of the 2020 election.  Hunter Biden’s laptop was dismissed as Russian disinformation (here).  The next shoe to drop is who murdered Seth Rich?

The judiciary failed to sanction law enforcement officers who lied by omission to secure search warrants to spy on Trump unlawfully.  Law enforcement officers lied by omission in the probable cause statement for a search warrant of Trump’s residence (No underlying crime).  In serving the warrant, they used unlawful force to send a political message.  Once in the residence, without due regard, seized items not listed on the search warrant or were subject to privilege.  If I had done the same, my superiors would have thrown me out the door.

These flagrant abuses of power are of concern to all Americans.  But unfortunately, these agencies are unwilling to correct these behaviors or bring criminal charges.  The appropriate venue to expose these crimes are the US House of Representatives oversight committees.  The House can force reform via the power of the purse.

The House Judiciary Committee and its Subcommittees are conducting public hearings.  Call and demand action:

The House Judiciary Committee (202) 225-6906 or web form.

The House Oversight Committee (202) 225-5074 FAX (202) 225-3974

The elections of 2020 and 2022 – There was election fraud:

I've worked election nights at one of the AP data centers for over ten years.  From my experience, these data centers are impartial and strive for accuracy.  Vote totals are cumulative throughout the night.  Minor errors occur that are immediately addressed and corrected.  I knew the 2020 results were highly suspicious.  Don't rely on the statement by the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency — "the November 3rd election [2020] was the most secure in American history."

I have never seen counting centers simultaneously go down and have such large vote drops in the swing states (here).  “Why did Biden win more votes than Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama?"  Common sense dictates, with the enthusiastic turnouts at Trump rallies, this is inconsistent with the sparse attendance at Biden's.  Why did so many down-the-ticket races go for Republicans?  Read more herehere.  Finally, the judiciary ethically failed to hear cases where plaintiffs challenged the 2020 elections results by dismissing them out of hand for jurisdictional and other technical grounds instead of hearing them on the merits of the US Supreme Court.

In the Arizona midterm (here),  election fraud occurred in these ways - voting machine malfunctions and illegal ballot harvesting with the injection of phantom or floating ballots, signature verification, and using third-party vendors to purge voter rolls

There is substantial probable cause to believe organized, systemic election fraud occurred in crucial swing states to shift votes by the radical Left in the 2020 election to warrant a complete and thorough investigation, but this is not going to happen (here)(here)(here)

The Republican National Committee (RNC) was outplayed by the Democratic National Committee (DNC)—the RNC campaigns on policies and values.  The RNC establishment continues with an outdated playbook.  The DNC focuses just on ballots and will do it again in 2024.  If the Republican establishment doesn’t change their game plan, they will lose yet again (here).

To ensure a free and uncorrupt election

  • If voting machines are permitted, the certification and security must be military-grade.  The EAC's current certification standard is political feel-good only.
  • Paper ballots only and originals preserved – no screened images, no thumb drives, no Internet connections.
  • Purge voter rolls using fractal programming to eliminate phantom ballots.
  • No third-party vendors maintaining voter rolls - ERIC
  • Elimination of mailed ballots.  Absentee ballots only upon request with ID.
  • Early voting is only allowed in person with ID for a few days before the election.
  • No ballots accepted after the day of the election.
  • Ballots are counted on the same day as the election, with some allowances for provisional ballots.

Call and demand action by the House oversight committees.  Many of these issues are under state and local control.  Organize locally and demand action from local and state officials.  Seek out and help vote integrity organizations (here).

Ron Wright is a retired detective, having served thirty-five years with Riverside PD, CA.  Ron earned a BA in political science from Cal State University, Fullerton, and a Master of Administration from the University of California, Riverside.  Facebook at Ron T. Cop.

Graphic credit: Pixabay license

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