The Associated Press Stylebook has proclaimed there was no election fraud in 2020

I just noted this update to the AP Style Manual — "2021 Impeachment Topical Guide."

[T]here was no widespread fraud in the election, as has been confirmed by a range of election officials across the country and by former Attorney General William Barr. Nearly all the legal challenges to the election put forth by Trump and his allies were dismissed — a fact Democrats mention in their brief for the trial.

In terms of the fact-checkers, this lacks context.  Yes, many courts dismissed the many motions of the Trump legal team filed.  But what the AP fails to disclose is that these dismissals were on jurisdiction and timing issues.  There was never a full hearing on the evidence by the courts and subject to cross-examination.  There wasn't a real investigation by the FBI for A.G. Barr to review before giving his opinion.  Even the Supreme Court ducked the case from Texas, requesting it hear its case on original jurisdiction that other states' actions disenfranchised the voters of the State of Texas.

I would argue that these other states' responses that the Court gave deference to were written by those likely complicit in the fraud.  These states violated the U.S. Constitution by certifying their electors not by the state legislatures as mandated, but by governors and secretaries of state who may likely be culpable in this fraud.

The AP Style Manual is the Gospel of journalists.  I'll let you decide how factual this narrative is.  As a longtime criminal investigator, I have my own professional opinion: follow the money, honey, and the truth will come out.  My intense exasperation lies with the DOJ and especially the FBI, which not only was late out of the gate on 9/11, but never left it in this fraud of the century.  Why?

As I wrote late last year:

Where are the DOJ and the FBJ?  Late out of the gate again — like 9/11?  Why? Time to pay the piper, either do your job or get off the pot. Time for real police work instead of playing to the media with dog and pony shows, e.g.,  the NASCAR garage door noose. The FBI’s NASCAR response is the type of action necessary to root out and prosecute this conspiracy to commit organized and systemic vote fraud across many states in this election. The FBI has the Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTF), Fusion Centers, and the forensic financial and cyber resources to confirm these crimes were committed and identify the perpetrators.

Update. Despite the AP's contention, Matthew Vadum of The Epoch Times notes:

The claim often repeated by the mainstream media, social-media content moderators, and fact-checkers that lawsuits filed by President Donald Trump’s campaign and Republicans were universally dismissed by the courts is untrue, according to a new analysis. (snip)

Of the 22 cases that have been heard by the courts and decided on their merits, Trump and Republicans have prevailed in 15, according to citizen journalist John Droz Jr., a physicist and environmental advocate in Morehead City, N.C.

This means Trump has won two-thirds of the cases fully adjudicated by the courts.

Three of the 15 cases whose rulings were favorable to Trump were filed on or after election day, Nov. 3.

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