Do the Democrats want Bobby Kennedy Jr. assassinated?

Nikki Haley’s recent requests for federal Secret Service protection coincide with revelations that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s similar pleas in 2023 were coldly dismissed.

In such highly charged political times, understanding the guidelines that determine when candidates are afforded security at public expense reveals whether such rules are being applied fairly. It is striking that Barack Obama was provided Secret Service protection far earlier in his campaign, seemingly because of his skin color, but the federal government still refuses to supply security to a Kennedy despite that family's tragic legacy of assassinations.

Recent disclosures regarding the Secret Service's decision to deny Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. protection as he campaigns for president suggest the Democrats have become extremists willing to do anything to retain power. The U.S. government began providing protection to major party candidates following John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963. However, it does not appear to have applied these protections consistently with its own guidelines in Bobby Kennedy’s case, undermining its stated purpose “to maintain the integrity of the democratic process and continuity of government.”

Secret Service guidelines provide the parameters of who qualifies as a candidate, the process by which threats will be assessed, and a timeline for protection -– generally, candidates are only provided protection within one year of the election:

Protection under these guidelines should only be granted within one year prior to the general election. Protection more than one year prior to the general election should only be granted in extraordinary, case by case circumstances in consultation with the committee, based on threat assessment and other factors.

Bobby Kennedy applied for protection in May of 2023, providing a detailed explanation of personal threats against him. This was denied, in what Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton called a “dangerous and vindictive” refusal by the Biden administration. Kennedy said there were two more denials of protection after that. It is unclear whether President Biden had any input into the decision, but Judicial Watch reported that Biden's Homeland Security secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, was the official decision-maker issuing the denial.

Surely Bobby Kennedy should have been provided security by now, just nine months from the 2024 election.

Bobby Kennedy now polls above 20% as a third-party candidate, qualifying him for protection under the guidelines. Nikki Haley, who as a major party candidate must demonstrate a 15% poll support for 30 days to qualify, may have a hard sell. Kennedy has steadily gained in the polls despite obvious gaslighting, deplatforming, and biased attacks by the Democrat apparatus and its mainstream media propagandists. With Joe Biden’s mental competence obviously shattered, compelling Kennedy to absorb half of his campaign contributions to protect his life hardly seems like a boon for the democratic process. (Kennedy is a far superior candidate to either Biden or Harris).

Biden’s Banana Republic has been built on lies and toxicity. A self-proclaimed “uniter” who condemns half of Americans as domestic terrorists and racists, Joe B. has launched a woke federal government takeover for transgenderism, climate change, racism parading as restitution, and every other neo-Marxist, America-hating fad he can clutch. Like a corrupt third-world dictator, President Biden appears to be deliberately exposing Kennedy to assassination, or at least the anxiety that accompanies that ever-present threat -– Joe Biden could instead demonstrate his mental acuity (and human decency?) by calling for fellow Democrat Kennedy’s protection ASAP.

Jimmy Carter granted Democrat rival Ted Kennedy Secret Service protection in September 1979, 14 months prior to the election. Favoritism for people of color has extended to Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama: Obama received protection 18 months before election day, apparently premised on his skin color and threats –- apparently threats against a white man don’t carry the same weight in America, even if leveled against a Kennedy.

An entire nation watched as John F. Kennedy, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy were assassinated. The Warren Report’s “magic bullet” travesty has never satisfied the smell test for credibility: and neither does the denial of Bobby Kennedy’s Secret Service protection. Most major polls appear to simply sideline Kennedy even as his support grows -– especially among young voters. Sapping his campaign funds while exposing him to anxiety and possible murder appears to be the obvious, deliberate path of POTUS Biden.

Joe Rogan, citing that Kennedy has now been denied protection three times, called it “f***ing egregious.”

America witnessed the corrupt Democrat party machine deny Bernie Sanders a fair shot in its 2016 primaries, favoring Hillary Clinton in her doomed embarrassment of a campaign against Donald Trump. Now they witness an even greater display of naked-emperor shenanigans as an iconic Kennedy is thrown to the wolves –- and would-be assassins -– rather than allow his voice to be heard even by Democrat voters.

Voters are told it is Donald Trump who threatens democracy, despite his four years of abiding by the laws that the Biden clan flouts. If a third Kennedy is slain, would there be any accountability by any government agencies? If the CIA didn’t kill John F Kennedy, Jr., it sure looks like the federal government is trying to kill this Kennedy now, through base partisan nonfeasance.

Americans watching this treatment of Robert F. Kennedy. Jr. see that Joe Biden is hardly a kindly old gentleman with memory recall difficulties. If he hasn't already, Donald Trump would do well to call for Kennedy’s Secret Service protection, now that Kennedy meets all the requirements. Donald Trump can publicly rescue a Kennedy from the visible corruption of today’s Democrat party, and “maintain the integrity of the democratic process” that the Democrats have visibly abandoned.

Image: Gage Skidmore, via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED

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