Joe Biden denies RFK Jr. Secret Service protection for a third time

It's not just the Soviet-style show trials directed against President Trump that tells us the true character of Joe Biden, a man who probably cheated his way to the presidency.

It's that he continues to deny Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. the Secret Service protection he's asking for.

According to the Kennedy campaign, which cited a piece that ran in the Deseret News, the Bidenites told Kennedy 'no' for a third time, on the grounds that his campaign is not that significant.

That's a lie.

What's disgusting here is that RFK, Jr., since the first two denials, has since experienced potentially lethal threats at his home in Los Angeles; he's not just making stuff up.

According to RFK, Jr.'s campaign email:

This third rejection by the Administration is a travesty.

The implications are unmistakable: I am personally at much greater risk; as is my family and close staff, and our campaign is on the hook for security detail that costs us thousands of dollars that could otherwise be used to garner ballot access.

Only one thing will stop the political elites from having their way. It’s called people power.

Our grassroots supporters have funded our campaign, which is forced to hire private security (which already stopped an armed intruder with a Federal Marshal badge from entering an event.)

Kennedy explains that the dynamic of this nonsense is that by forcing Kennedy to pay for his own security protection, which I imagine must be a big bill, takes away money from his own campaigning.

Which seems like a rather slimey way of bleeding cash from the Kennedy campaign, the better to strengthen Joe Biden's campaign.

Joe gets Secret Service protection even though bin Laden himself has said he wouldn't assassinate Biden as he was too valuable in place as an incompetent. While this probably isn't the only threat he faces, it's a pretty big one he doesn't.

And yes, it happened. Remember this, from ABC News?

Osama bin Laden aimed to assassinate President Barack Obama but directed fellow al-Qaida fighters to leave Vice President Joe Biden alone, describing him as "totally unprepared" to take over and predicting a "crisis" in America if that happened, according to a newly declassified letter from the terrorist mastermind.

In the missive, part of a trove of documents seized by Navy SEALs in the raid that killed bin Laden one year ago, bin Laden asks for an update on a plan to kill Obama or Gen. David Petraeus either in Pakistan or at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan.


"The reason for concentrating on them is that Obama is the head of infidelity and killing him automatically will make Biden take over the presidency for the remainder of the term, as it is the norm over there. Biden is totally unprepared for that post, which will lead the US into a crisis. 

But Kennedy, whose unique family history includes multiple real assassinations, including that of his own father, and who has demonstrated that the freaks are still out there in that dangerous security incident at his house, does not.

Something here is very wrong with this picture. Anyone decent should worry about this guy's safety.

CNN did an obnoxious piece last July attempting to debunk Kennedy's claims and fell flat on its face.

Facts First: Kennedy’s suggestion that he is being treated differently than every other presidential candidate since 1968 is baseless. In reality, the vast majority of candidates in modern presidential primaries never receive Secret Service protection because they are not deemed “major” candidates – and it would be nearly unprecedented for even a major candidate to receive protection this early in a campaign if they did not already have it on account of currently or previously serving in the White House. A CNN review of presidential campaigns dating back to 1980 found that only then-Senator Barack Obama, who faced unique threats as a Black man with a realistic chance to become president, was granted Secret Service protection as early in a campaign as Kennedy is seeking it.

“We’re too far out from the election,” and Kennedy “just doesn’t meet the criteria,” said Jonathan Wackrow, a CNN law enforcement analyst and former Secret Service agent. “He’s not a major presidential candidate. You can make as many requests as you want; unless you meet that criteria that have been set forth, it’s just not warranted.”

Joe Biden is scared to death of Kennedy taking votes away from him, and maybe even running away with the Democrat nomination, given his own abysmal polling numbers. That he's trying to deny Kennedy protection in order to stymie his campaign is obvious enough.

But the CNN claim about Obama is garbage, too. Obama is unique? Memo to purported fact-checker: So is Kennedy. To claim otherwise is nonsense.

CNN notes two other things that destroy its own argument about Kennedy's call for Secret Service protection being hype.

One, the beginning of its piece says that Kennedy submitted a 67-page memo showing all the possible threats out of the ordinary ones to the Bidenites, which suggests that at least some of them could be credible.

The other thing they noted was that then-President Jimmy Carter gave Teddy Kennedy Secret Service protection preemptively based on his family's history. Whatever you want to think about Carter on other things, that was the common sense thing to do. CNN cites that Kennedy was given it later in the campaign cycle, but that doesn't hold water, either, in that Teddy Kennedy didn't even think of challenging Carter for the presidency until late in the cycle. Teddy announced and Jimmy gave; Carter didn't want this to be a problem.

But Biden is entirely different kind of president.

With the risks to Kennedy real, Biden's denial of protection speaks to a malevolence unseen in American politics until now, and one gets the awful sense that Biden wouldn't be too upset if his campaign rival was knocked off any more than he would be if President Trump were.

What kind of a person is that? Well, the kind of person who would run the shambling Biden administration with all its wreckage of our fair country. If this isn't an argument alone to vote against this guy, what is?

Kennedy's email sought to raise campaign cash from this outrage, so for those who are interested in contributing, he sent out this link for it.

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