Will the Democrat party restore Donald Trump in 2024

It was widely perceived that in 2016, Bernie Sanders was a stronger Dem candidate than Hillary Clinton and thus would have prevailed over Donald Trump.  Robert F. Kennedy presents a parallel for 2024: will Democrats strong-arm him aside in favor of Biden in the primary, and thereby secure a second term for Trump when Biden loses the general election, where Kennedy would have won?

In the 2016 primary, the Democrat party favored Hillary Clinton over the populist Bernie.  Americans watched Sanders be sidelined.  Many erstwhile Bernie fans became Trump-supporters in protest/disgust.  It's a thing: the Sanders-Trump voter.  Even liberal Salon criticized the DNC's defense that it had no obligation to be neutral and fair between Clinton and Sanders as "blatant proof that despite the fact that the DNC fashions itself as the party of the people it is openly and clearly an oligarchy."

The current DNC oligarchy is ruled not by Clintons, but by the Biden family.  Joe has not done the greatest job of grooming Hunter for succession: the recent White House whodunit with the mysterious devil's dandruff has tarnished an already muddied reputation.  Of course, the ignoble son is not successor to the throne: Kamala Harris waits (stashed by Dems) in the shadows, and she may be even scarier to voters than Hunter.

Yes, this was the presumed course of the Democratic party for 2024 — until, of course, the rider from clan Camelot joined the primary fray.  Robert F. has a record fighting water pollution and waxes mystical about renewable energy.  And in such Democrat jousting, surely the age difference — between Kennedy and Biden, but also Kennedy and Trump — would favor Kennedy as the much stronger contender for the Democrat party in the general election, even if he does (perish the thought!) question vaccine safety and challenge the DNC status quo.

On a fair playing field, Kennedy would crush Biden in the primary.  (As a bonus, Kamala Harris would be concurrently ditched.)  And in the general election, there is high likelihood that Kennedy could rival Donald Trump.  Kennedy attracts Trump-averse conservatives who cringe at Biden; moderate/traditional Democrats resentful of Biden's far-left ventures into toxic ideological lands; libertarians who oppose mandated jabs; centrist voters who can do math; anyone who wants a president who can walk and talk competently.

What should be nose-on-your-face clear is that even if he cannot defeat Donald Trump, Robert Kennedy is the far superior Democrat candidate to try.  Yet Democrats will almost surely bend every rule, and trot out every possible devious Alinsky tactic, to topple Kennedy from the primary rather than allow him the attempt (à la Bernie).  This corruption on display for American voters will push yet more erstwhile Dem (Kennedy)–supporters to the Trump camp in 2024.  The "Kennedy-Trump" voter will join the "Bernie-Trump" and "Obama-Trump" voting demographic to cement Donald Trump's victory.

The DNC is already displaying its corrupt favoritism of Biden/Harris over a Kennedy ticket.  (Note the DNC panic that New Hampshire will host the first primary, where Biden may lose, rather than Biden's favored South Carolina.)  The 2024 election will thus demonstrate to Americans that the DNC would prefer to lose to Trump with Joe Biden rather than improve Democrat odds — or even win — with relative centrist Robert Kennedy.

Biden ran on a (broken) promise to unite Americans in 2020: will he repeat that lie on the 2024 campaign trail while he denigrates Christian nationalists and all who love America as MAGA domestic terrorists?  Kennedy routinely stands up to the globalist agenda that Biden touts: will the DNC compel their party farther down that anti-American path rather than allow an enemy of Big Pharma like Kennedy to take the POTUS helm?

As the DNC eat their own rather than allow a Kennedy at the table, its energies are diverted away from the MAGA-hating mantra.  Biden may have to repeat promises to moderate Democrats that he visibly broke after 2020, further straining his lackluster credibility.  (This assumes he can keep reading the same lies off the teleprompter, ungarbled.)

It is understandable why Democrats are so furiously pushing a criminal narrative against Trump for minor transgressions, even as the glaring criminality of the Biden clan parades across Americans' flat-screen TVs daily.  The Emperor Biden has no new clothes.  They are trying to win an election corruptly in court rather than lose it in crushing electoral defeat before awakening voters.

Robert Kennedy is thus an absolute nightmare for the DNC, as he hurts them whether he wins or loses.  If he wins, the Biden pseudo-monarchy is over, and a New Camelot begins; if he loses, the whole world will have witnessed underhanded Democrat tactics yet again, and a visibly unhealthy Biden will be propped up to battle a comparatively (at present) healthy Donald Trump (with Kamala drooling on the sidelines).

Efforts by mainstream media to shift focus onto Republican divisions in the presidential race continue to pale: the battle between Biden and Kennedy is where the action is.  By vociferously (and underhandedly) opposing Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the DNC are practically guaranteeing that Donald Trump will reclaim the White House in 2024.

For Trump-supporters, "the enemy of my enemy is Kennedy"...unless he wins the Dem primary or runs as an independent, in which case all bets are off.

Attorney-farmer John Klar hosts the Small Farm Republic Substack and podcast from his Vermont farm.  His new book is Small Farm Republic: Why Conservatives Must Embrace Local Agriculture, Reject Climate Alarmism, and Lead an Environmental Revival.

Image: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  Credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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