The real reason the left is persecuting Trump

In a just and sane world, the people trying to rip the country apart should never be near the reins of power.  The fact that we have descended into a clown world tells you what happens when they do.  It also tells you what they are capable of in keeping a death grip on power and why that is extraordinarily dangerous. 

The number-one rule for understanding the fascist far left is that they will always accuse the pro-freedom right of what they are doing.  And they take charges of hypocrisy as indications of success in this endeavor.  So when they incessantly scream on the national socialist media that we're out to destroy democracy, it means they're out to destroy democracy by depriving the people of the candidate of their choice in the next election.

We've documented how the Democrats are increasingly emulating the National Socialist German Workers' (Nazi) Party.  But they are also working out of the playbook of a third-world banana republic, taking the worst ideas from around the globe.  This is their idea of "Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity" — taking authoritarian schemes from every culture to be the baddies across the board.

If there is one fact on the Trump persecution to keep foremost in your mind, it is this: they can and will take this action against any opposition candidates to the far left.  President Trump is just their primary focus at the moment.

It's been said that the average person commits three felonies a month.  Gov. Gavin Newsom has "seemingly" threatened Gov. Ron DeSantis with kidnapping charges for sending illegal invaders to Sacramento.  They'll just "show you the crime" if you show them the man.

So the solemn discussions of the serious charges are just a distraction.  Were President Trump to drop out of the race tomorrow, they would pivot and go after the next top challenger.  Everyone should know that this isn't about one man and "mean tweets."

The fascist far left have clearly gotten over the ugliness of acting authoritarian, and they've found their new low, freeing in many ways, with many advantages of acting like the worst of any banana republic.  They're like a prostitute who's become used to a certain lifestyle or a drug addict who needs his next high — a party that embodies the ethos of Hunter Biden but without the class and artistic skills with brush and canvas.  The benefits they've gained from doing this are going to be a crutch for them, and something they will use from now on until their party is replaced with something decent.  So let's cite them specifically so that everyone understands the full importance of why they keep doing this.

1. A ready-made distraction.

Just think about it.  All they need are some "trumped up" charges (isn't it funny how words work?) and an ever-eager national socialist media, and any bad Biden news can be driven off the news cycle.  Back in the day, President Clinton had to use military force to sink news of his scandals.  All it takes these days is some creative charges, and it's off to the races, illustrated by the last few days of reportage on the charges, reaction to the charges, analysis of the charges, reaction to the analysis of the charges, and so on.

This works a lot better than their usual tactic of the trivial distraction game.  This is where the fascists of the far left repeatedly emphasize trivial instances from the pro-freedom right to hide egregious examples from their side, such as claiming that age-appropriate categories are "book bans" to cover their rampant censorship.

2. Designed to infuriate everyone on the pro-freedom right. 

There's an old joke about government alphabet agencies like the ATF and FAA: "They're not happy until you're not happy."  What better way of making people mad than continually going after the people from the pro-freedom right while they laud the far left?

How many times do they have to repeat the cliché "no one is above the law" when anyone with common sense knows that doesn't apply to the anti-liberty left side of the aisle?  Would it shock anyone to find out later that they were just saying that to provoke the pro-freedom right?

The nation's socialist media spent a stunning 291 Minutes on Trump Indictment, 0 Seconds on Biden Burisma Bribery on June 8, demonstrating that they no longer care about objectivity, much less if Biden is "above the law."  If that doesn't infuriate the fair-minded, nothing will.

3. Showing their power and subjugating the people.

What better way of acting like fascist authoritarian dictators — and accusing the right of doing that at the same time (see reason number 2)?  Then they ignore the rule of law and do whatever they want.  The other night, Tucker Carlson referenced a man being fired for committing an undefined offense that no one knew was a crime.  Compare that to criminals in the revolving door of justice.

Even worse, we have President Trump being charged with crimes that pale in comparison to those of Beijing Biden, a darling of the Chinese Communist Party.  This is the man who threw open the border to fentanyl and a Chinese illegal invasion

4. Hoping it becomes a provocation like Jan. 6, 2021. 

The last and most dangerous benefit is that they are hoping all of these infuriating distractions designed to show our subjection will cause us to lash out.  This is a case of their belief in their own bovine soil enhancement.  

Remember, these are people who marinate in their echo chambers 24/7.  We're surrounded by the nation's socialist media sources, inundated with their lies and propaganda, no matter what we do.  Such is not the case with our "comrades" of the collectivist far left.  They can listen to National Propaganda Radio, read the best bird cage liners, watch CNN and MSNBC, and consider that they are getting a "balanced" view on the news, between the fascist far-left viewpoint and the slightly less fascist far-left viewpoint.

Part of their echo chamber ethos is that they are "peaceful" and "tolerant" while they burn down cities.  Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, epitomized their attitude of needing to "force behaviors."  This is what happens with bad ideas: you either have to lie about them or force them on people.  The far left do both in spades, and then they project that on the pro-freedom right — sort of like the ladies of The View talking about people not reading the Constitution.  

Thankfully, most of us on the pro-freedom right aren't going to take the bait and act like leftists after all.  We're simply going to assess the situation and realize that this is a desperate crybully move that is going to make them look far worse in the end.  

D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, the director of communications for a civil rights organization, and a long-time contributor to conservative websites.  Find him on Substack.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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