We should all give Biden great credit for what he has achieved in office

President Biden seems very proud that inflation numbers have cooled from over 9% to 4%. We should be giving Biden credit for energy and spending policies that caused inflation to skyrocket from under 2%, despite COVID to over 9% or 4% in May. Oil is still around $70 per barrel, or up around 75% from when Biden was elected. I am sure people on fixed income, the poor, and middle class are extremely happy that food and energy prices have leveled off at such a high level.

When Biden was running for office, he repeatedly said he was going to destroy the oil and coal industry

“I would transition away from the oil industry, yes,” Biden said.

As soon as Biden took office, he dictatorially halted oil and gas leases on US land and water. 

Biden halts oil and gas leases, permits on US land and water

Biden also dictatorially cancelled the permit for the Keystone pipeline the day he took office. 

A few months after Biden took office, he waived sanctions on the Russian pipeline to Germany that Trump had imposed. (and they say Trump was a Putin puppet)

As a result of Biden’s anti-domestic oil policies, the price of oil skyrocketed from around $40 per barrel the day Biden was elected to $84 per barrel in October 2021, less than a year later, which was long before Russia attacked Ukraine.

When the price of oil inflates by over 110% in one year, it causes overall inflation to also go up rapidly, because energy prices affect everything. It is a simple concept. 

Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Iran benefit greatly when the U.S decides it no longer wants to be a major oil market competitor. 

We should give Biden and leftist green energy policies great credit for the rampant inflation and for making Russia much richer so they could finance the war with Ukraine. Trump’s energy prices kept Russia much poorer. 

Biden also repeatedly says that he inherited a collapsing economy and that job growth, because of his policies, is the most rapid ever. The only problem with what he says is that it is not true. 

The economy and jobs were growing rapidly starting in the third quarter of 2020 because the economy, especially red states, were reopening rapidly. The Department of Labor shows that non-farm jobs grew 13.4 million from April to December 2020 or an average of 1,675,000 a month.

Contrast that with Biden’s first 29 months where jobs have grown 13 million, or 448,000 per month, about one-fourth the rate of job growth during Trump’s last eight months in office. 

Of course, the Obama-Biden recovery from a deep recession was the slowest economic recovery in over 60 years so Biden learned from his boss. 

Even CNN discredits Biden’s claim that his fiscal management and policies reduced the deficit when all that happened was COVID spending programs had expired. 

Why isn’t Biden talking about the current numbers? Maybe it is because the deficit is climbing rapidly, 150% in only one year! Why isn't the media highlighting this great achievement?

Outlays rose 20% to $548 billion, with a tripling of spending on the government-run Medicare health program for seniors driving much of the increase.

Through the first eight months of the fiscal year, which began in October, the Treasury reported a cumulative deficit of $1.165 trillion, up from $426 billion a year earlier.

Biden, as a career politician, has been able to magically take mediocre male athletes and make them champions in several sports by claiming they are women. 

He has even been able to find a woman for the Supreme Court who is supposedly intelligent enough to interpret laws and the Constitution yet can't define what a woman is. That is sad. Newborn babies, without going to school or being a scientist can figure out that a woman is -- the one with the milk dispensers that constantly refill. 

Summary:  Everyone should give Biden credit for his major accomplishments, especially his energy and spending policies that have caused high inflation and rising deficit. 

We should also be quite appreciative that he has helped Russia and Iran get richer so they can finance terrorism and war. 

And everyone should be impressed at the ability of Biden to take bribes for himself and his family without most of the media, other Democrats, and the Justice Department showing any concern. In fact, they participate in hiding the bribes from the public, as they preach transparency.

Side note: In a surprise, the media found so-called “legal experts” to say a judge should recuse herself because she is a Trump appointee who somehow believes he has rights.  I am sure these experts would have no problem with Obama, or Biden judges judging Trump. What pure BS.

A chorus of legal experts is calling for District Court Judge Aileen Cannon to recuse herself from former President Donald Trump’s trial on charges relating to his handling of classified documents after leaving the White House.

Caricature by Donkey Hotey, CC BY 2.0 license.

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