Leftist women say Casey DeSantis's green dress signals a nascent theocrat

When Joe Biden came to Florida, Casey DeSantis, who looks great now that she's gone through her treatment for breast cancer, joined her husband, Florida governor Ron DeSantis, to meet Joe and Jill Biden.  She donned a simple but classy green dress — and leftist women went insane.  According to them, because its color echoed a costume worn in the leftists' beloved television version of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, Casey was advertising the fact that she and her husband intend to lead a theocratic takeover in America.

Margaret Atwood, a leftist Canadian, wrote A Handmaid's Tale in 1985 as a warning about Ronald Reagan, along with his support from the Moral Majority.  It's a very silly dystopian novel, but it struck a chord with feminists, many of whom truly believed it.  Thankfully, when Reagan did not turn fertile young women into breeding slaves, the book seemed to vanish into the past.

However, when Trump entered the White House, Trump Derangement Syndrome caused leftists to resurrect the book.  They ignored that Trump, who had been a libertine in his younger years, even though he grew to oppose unlimited abortion, showed no inclination whatsoever to become a theocrat who imprisoned barefoot and pregnant young women while forcing them into red robes and white wimples.  So Hulu, riding the hysteria wave, made a TV series based on The Handmaid's Tale.  Leftist women embraced the show as prescient à la Nostradamus and immediately adopted the robes and wimples as their personal political statement supporting unlimited abortion up to, including, and even after a baby's birth.

Image: Casey DeSantis and her green dress.  YouTube screen grab.

We sane Americans got used to that red and white costume, but, perhaps because we paid no attention to the series, we missed the fact that Hollywood attired the wives of the bad guys in green dresses!  OMG.  Green dresses!  Feel the pain.  Feel the theocracy.  Feel the tyranny.

The question is, did Casey DeSantis know?  As it happens, the only certainty when it comes to Casey and green dresses is that she donned a beautiful and stylish forest-green dress when meeting with the Bidens.  It was the same type of dress, in the same forest green color, that the Princess of Wales (whom Casey somewhat resembles) has worn to great applause from fashionistas.  (See herehere, and here, for example.)

The left predictably lost its mental moorings (hat tip: Twitchy):

The article to which Abravanel links is a tour de force of conspiracy-mindedness allied with a very low I.Q.  According to Tara Dublin, "the extreme right has been lifting inspo [sic] from the show, something that a lot of us joke about on the socials but is actually scary af."  As further proof that Casey DeSantis is a budding theocrat with eyes on America, Dublin notes that, when the DeSantises visited areas suffering from hurricane damage, they wore "matching white go-go boots" — and then cites a Lesley Abravanel article at Occupy Democrats.

Leftists seem unclear that those are standard rubber boots of the type people use when they anticipate wading through standing water.  The statement isn't about fashion; it's about utility.

And of course, Abravanel and Dublin weren't the only ones who worked themselves into a lather over a green dress:

This whole thing is ridiculous, but it also matters.  Why?  Because it shows what leftism has done to young women.  By the time they get through public school and, worse, any college or university, they have been taught to be neurotic, narcissistic, paranoid, small-minded, uninformed, and hysterical.

These women are the vanguard of modern leftism.  They were the ones screaming gibberish at the police during the George Floyd riots; they are the nascent despots identifying as "liberal," and they are the ones who see a nice, flattering green dress as the equivalent of a swastika or burning cross.

As more women take control of the Democrat party, the more emotional, unreasonable, and downright stupid that party will become.  Nonetheless, these weak women must be taken seriously because their hysteria and aggression create a form of brute-force power that can be incredibly dangerous.

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