Crenshaw the jetset cancels Texas event to prioritize Ukraine

The conflict in Ukraine has been a financial black hole for American citizens — all while we contend with record inflationskyrocketing gas prices, and inadequate formula stock for our babies.  Less than two weeks ago, Congress promised Ukraine another $40 billion of our hard-earned money.  In March of this year, left-wing media outlets finally acknowledged the verity of the Hunter Biden laptop story, "the contents of which prove that Joe Biden (cordially known as 'The Big Guy') used his office to sell out American interests to foreign governments to enrich himself and his family" — one of those overseas accessories being Ukraine.

The American citizenry, all across the political spectrum, has the shared experience of politicians laundering our money through foreign countries to line their own pockets — so seeing Dan Crenshaw renege on a local function to jet off to Ukraine raises some red flags.

Crenshaw, whom Tucker Carlson referred to as "Eye-Patch McCain," is notorious for opposing the America First conservative movement.  In August of 2021, Crenshaw stood by his claim that Biden won fair and square, saying of election fraud, "Don't kid yourself into believing that's why we lost. ... Five different states?  Hundreds of thousands of votes?  You're kidding yourself."  Although at that time, conclusive evidence of election fraud was not a mainstream talking point, it is now — and still no apology or retraction for siding with a cheat who has directed our country into an absolute nosedive toward destruction.

Only days after putting his name down as a "yea" vote for the $40-billion Ukrainian "aid" bill, Crenshaw wound up in Ukraine, posing for photo opportunities and meeting with "Ukrainian officials."

America First Republicans across Twitter erupted in anger, precisely identifying his America Last ethos:

Interesting...FYI Crenshaw is in Ukraine today for a multi-day trip to check on his investment.  Just another corrupt RINO.


Isn’t he a conservative? Hahahaha Traitor!


It's Spring Break in Ukraine!

Now the Republicans are showing up for their cut of the 40 billion.

RINO Dan Crenshaw is there today.

I wonder what day Ted Cruz is scheduled for?


WTF is Dan Crenshaw doing in Ukraine? Another WEF puppet.


Rep. Dan Crenshaw is in Ukraine now right meeting with Zelensky.

He canceled an event in Texas to make the trip.

How much of the $40 billion will Dan be receiving?


On January 17, 1961, Eisenhower addressed the nation for the last time as president, warning of a sinister organism — the infamous "military-industrial complex."  However, by the time Eisenhower delivered his farewell remarks, the speech had undergone many edits.  Initially, the military-industrial complex was known as the military-industrial-congressional complex — a much more accurate term.  It's time we recognize the true nature of war being big business — and that the biggest profiteers are our very own political class.

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