Biden blames Putin for soaring gas prices

Playing "Scranton Joe" to reporters, Joe Biden crowed credit for himself for cutting off Russian energy imports in a newfound interest in breaking "Putin's war machine," and then told Americans to suck it up on the issue of high gas prices.

One reporter asked Joe about soaring energy prices at the pump:  

"Can't do much right now.  Russia is responsible."

Talk about passing the buck.

Actually, there's a lot he can do.  He just doesn't want to do it.

Right now, he can restore America's status as the world's premier producer of fossil fuels, entirely energy independent, and a net exporter, just by rescinding his executive orders dating from Day One of his ill gained presidency to allow American producers to produce.  Up until the day he took office, America was energy independent — and had cheap gas prices to boot.  Today, not so much — and somehow, Putin did it.

That's not going to fool voters — and even Democrats, facing a midterm slaughterhouse over high gas prices, are urging Biden to ramp up domestic production:

A group of Texas Democrats Tuesday called on President Biden to do more to unleash domestic energy production in the United States in the face of rising gas prices and reliance on foreign countries for energy.

Rep. Vicente Gonzalez, D-Texas, led a group of Texas Democrats in a letter to Biden Tuesday applauding his announcement to ban Russian oil imports while urging him to enact clear policies to help domestic energy producers boost energy output for the U.S. and beyond.

What's more, it's a lie.  Russia supplies 7% of our energy imports, meaning that a cutoff of Russian fuel may have that much effect on prices, assuming it's not replaced.  We already know that Joe wants to replace it with Venezuelan oil, which, curiously, is from a state-owned oil company that evidence shows is substantially owned now by the Russian government.  Can't blame Putin for that one. 

Energy prices, in fact, were already soaring — as a result of Joe Biden's ban of American energy production on federal lands, and the shutdown of the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada.  Joe didn't mention those.

Joe, in fact, has other priorities, so instead of recognizing reality and restoring American energy production just to take the political heat off himself, if for nothing else, he mouths this blather:

His transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg, mouthed even more of it:

...and so did his roundheels vice president:

That's problematic in that Russian nickel powers electric car batteries:

But mostly, it's just callous: most people struggling to pay $5.00 a gallon at the pump don't have a spare $70,000 or $100,000 to buy an electric car.


It goes to show that rigid, brittle Joe is unable to change course even to save Democrats' skin.  He's determined to pin his own energy policies on Putin in order to make his greenie cronies rich and then blame the Russians for high energy prices.  Being unable to change course may well be a function of his diminished mental capabilities, demonstrating his utter unfitness for the presidency.  But mostly, he doesn't care.  He's fine letting oil prices go through the roof because now he can Blame Putin.  What a nice break for him, since he can't blame Trump.

Image: Monica Showalter.

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