Will outraged parents reclaim America from this far-left madness?

Usually, revolutions start at the bottom, with ordinary people pushing back against the tyranny of the powerful, either to create liberty (as happened in America) or to establish their own tyranny (as happens with all socialist revolutions).  In America, though, we're seeing a revolution of the powerful against the little people.  Nowhere is this more apparent than in the way powerful people are seeking to impose three revolutions on children: transgenderism, masks, and Critical Race Theory.  Parents are beginning to push back, but more of them need to do so, and they need to push harder.

On the transgenderism front, the left still seems to have the upper hand.  Children's television is saturated with transgenderism, whether it's Disney using the Muppet Babies to push transgenderism or Nickelodeon having the venerable Blue, of Blue's Clues, and tuneless drag queens engage the same three- to eight-year-old set in the wonders of imaginary sexual identities.

Worse, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) — that is, your child's doctor — is actively pushing transgenderism despite the absence of any scientific basis for doing so.  Abigail Shrier, who has bravely spoken out about the huge pressure on girls who once were tomboys to take hormones and slice off their breasts, now notes that the American Academy of Pediatrics is stifling all dissent:

Is it safe for adolescents to undergo gender "transition"? Is it wise for children to take hormones that block puberty? The American Academy of Pediatrics not only has answered these questions in the affirmative but is determined to stifle any debate. On Friday the AAP told an international consortium of more than 100 clinicians and researchers who doubt the reigning orthodoxy that they couldn't set up an information booth at the association's national conference. The cosmetics company L'Oreal and the National Peanut Board will be there, but not the Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine.

When it comes to masks and children, the AAP is also uninterested in either evidence-based thinking or dissent.  The same organization that boasts Pfizer as one of its supporters insists that all children over two should be masked.  This is despite a study showing that children suffer instant oxygen deprivation (as we all do) when masks are stuck on their faces, only they suffer more.

Oh, wait!  You're not supposed to know about that study.  According to the authors, JAMA Pediatrics retracted it on purely political grounds.  Given the American Medical Association's admitted leftward turn (it recently supported removing sex from birth certificates), I'm inclined to believe the authors.  A small study has also confirmed what we all intuitively know to be true, which is that children's masks are filthy and germ-ridden.

In Ireland, children returning to school this fall will be mask-free.  The Irish looked at the evidence and concluded that masks serve no benefit for children, who neither give nor get COVID, and that they can cause physical and psychological harm.  That's sanity.

And finally, whole volumes could be written about Critical Race Theory (CRT).  Just the other day, word emerged that a school in Atlanta was segregating students by race, something that's led to a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights.  Given the race-obsessed people Biden has installed, there's reason to fear that the DOE will rule in favor of racial segregation.

In Oregon, when the state realized that it was failing to prepare minority high school students for reading and math proficiency exams, the state didn't do the logical thing and figure out how its teachers could do better.  Instead, it banished the standards.  Can you imagine anything more racist than telling minorities that they can't hack it?

But there is something standing between children and this madness: parents.  Slowly but surely, parents are beginning to understand what is being done to their children, whether it's trying to sexualize them and lead them down the path to gender madness, or forcing dangerous and unnecessary masks on them, or trying to tribalize them by teaching them that Whites are smart but evil, while Blacks and other minorities are dumb victims of these predatory Whites.

Tucker Carlson has a great segment about masks and students and the fact that parents are fighting back.  The Clay Travis segment will cheer you up.

The left has a huge head start, and it's got its minions on school boards across America.  Parents must mobilize loudly and strongly very fast, or the battle will be lost before it has begun.

Image: A toddler in a mask by Simóca & Annus.  Public domain.

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