The Senate passes the Bernie Sanders wish list

You know a Senate budget is bad when even Senators Lisa Murkowski (RINO-Alaska) and Mitt Romney (Trump Derangement Syndrome-Utah) won't vote for it.  Another sign that it's bad is when Bernie Sanders boasts that it's "the most consequential and comprehensive" legislation to change America since FDR was president.  This bad budget has cleared the Senate on a straight party-line vote.  It now heads to the House (which will approve it) and then to Biden.  Here are just some of the leftist wish-list items in this monstrosity in addition, of course, to the usual funding for our bloated federal government.

The bill has over $100 billion to plot ways to give amnesty to illegal aliens (including the millions from all over the Third World who will enter America this year).  Your vote will be diluted, and it will be done without your consent.

The government is handing out $700 billion of your money for various "education" initiatives.  The plan is to get children away from their parents and into government education from childcare and pre-K all the way through community college.

This spending binge has nothing to do with turning out an educated populace, competent in basic reading, writing, and civics, and with a common cultural understanding through literature.  Instead, as we've seen at colleges for decades, the goal is to inculcate children in Critical Race Theory, Marxist economic theory, anti-Americanism, and gender madness.  (Fortunately, thanks to a Tom Cotton amendment, if crazy leftist teachers are caught teaching Critical Race Theory, their schools may lose federal funding.)

The powerful teachers' unions are on board with this agenda.  And as Lenin said, "give me four years to teach the children, and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted."  That $700-plus billion is the seed.

There's more money for federal housing — something that's happening even as the federal government is doing its best to destroy private homeownership.  It's doing this by rezoning desirable suburbs to turn them into dense urban regions with lots of high-rise apartments and through its rent moratoriums.  Soon, the federal government and BlackRock will be America's landlords.

There is lots of money for expanding the federal government's involvement in health care.  This will make private health care more expensive because the government always perverts the free market, driving up prices.

In addition, sucking money out of the private sector will inevitably bring health care rationing of the type we see in socialist countries.  If one takes away the dynamism of the free market as a way to make limited quantities of things more freely available (and everything but the air you breathe is limited in quantity), rationing is all that's left.

Almost $200 billion is set aside to end fossil fuels in America.  Democrats imagine some Edenic paradise in which vegetarian lions and happy lambs frolic together and humans survive eating apples and tofu.  However, the fact that alternative energy sources can never be ramped up to meet American energy needs means we will quickly revert to a pre-modern era of famine and darkness.

The national debt and inflation will skyrocket, and the higher taxes you will inevitably pay will do nothing to support America's inevitable bankruptcy.  Someone in D.C. is planning on following Paul Krugman's insane suggestion to mint trillion-dollar coins and pay off the debt with that "money."

You'd think an economist would figure out that bills and coins are mere reflections of a nation's actual wealth.  If a nation is spending everything and creating nothing, there is no actual wealth, and the money minted is as worthless as Weimar Republic money during the height of its hyperinflation.

Glenn Reynolds is usually a very upbeat man.  However, when he heard about this bill passing, he wrote:

This is awful, and probably means an end to the Republic. On the other hand, there's clearly no political appetite anywhere for addressing the deficit or the debt, so I don't know what to do. Perhaps the Second Republic will have tighter fiscal controls. And hey, what the hell, people have been predicting financial disaster for decades as the debt and deficit grow. Maybe it won't happen. But I feel like sooner or later they have to be right.

I'd like to be upbeat and give people hope, but I agree with Glenn — I do not see how this can end well.  When asked how he went bankrupt, Ernest Hemingway answered, "Two ways.  Gradually, then suddenly."  We are trembling on the verge of "suddenly."

Image: Children playing with valueless money during the Weimar Republic’s hyperinflation (1923).  Public domain.

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