There are good reasons to ignore the American Academy of Pediatrics

We've learned that, when it comes to COVID, children seldom get it, they don't spread it, and they (thankfully) even more seldom die from it.  We've also learned that masks are dangerous for children.  Nevertheless, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is insisting that all children over two must wear masks in pre-school and school.  I suggest that there are good reasons to ignore the AAP.

When it comes to children, the last 18 months have taught us a few things about kids and COVID:

Children — unlike the Democrats in the Texas state Legislature — are not COVID-spreaders.  The same article reveals that they are not very susceptible to COVID, either.

Even if kids do get COVID, healthy children 12 and under are not dying from it.  A Johns Hopkins study made public in June revealed that, in the period preceding the study, "100% of pediatric COVID-19 deaths [in America] were in children with a pre-existing condition[.]"

The study says there may still be good reasons to vaccinate kids around nine years old (a small number get bad side-effects, especially minority kids), but fear of death wasn't a reason.  There is a recent news story saying a five-year-old boy without underlying conditions died in Georgia.  That may be the case, but we may also learn that the boy had an underlying, unknown condition.  I've known a few families who tragically lost a child when something innocuous triggered an underlying condition.

The masks that children are forced to wear for several hours a day instantly create a pool of carbon dioxide that is dangerous for them to breathe.  In addition, while children are at limited risk from COVID, the masks become saturated with viruses and bacteria from genuinely dangerous diseases, such as tuberculosis, meningitis, food poisoning, Legionnaires' disease, and sepsis, to name just a few.

Incidentally, aside from the thousands of deaths that might be associated with the vaccine, we still have no idea if this vaccine, which has only an emergency authorization, could render women sterile.  Giving it to a girl might mean she can never have children.  Might.  We just don't know.

But still, the AAP wants masks:

The American Academy of Pediatrics on Monday recommended that all children over the age of 2 wear masks when returning to school this year, regardless of vaccination status.


The AAP said universal masking is necessary because much of the student population is not vaccinated, and it's hard for schools to determine who is as new variants emerge that might spread more easily among children.

Why is the AAP, which is the largest, most prestigious pediatric organization, making this recommendation?  Could it be because Pfizer, which is making bank on a vaccine that the American taxpayer helped fund, is one of its big supporters?

It certainly benefits Pfizer if the AAP is telling parents to vaccinate their kids or see their kid forever trapped in a mask like a burqaed Afghani girl under the Taliban.

The AAP also freely admits that it came up with this plan working with the hard-left, Critical Race Theory–supporting American Federation of Teachers.  Oh.

There's also the fact that the AAP has some peculiar opinions.  For example, it's completely on board with giving young people dangerous hormones and surgery in the name of so-called transgenderism when there's nothing whatsoever on the AAP's website scientifically showing that transgenderism is anything more than a mental illness requiring psychiatric intervention or a hormonal imbalance best treated by giving the afflicted children hormones aligned with their biological sex.

Instead, the AAP's transgender policy statement cites a cartoon book to support the condition's alleged existence.  Moreover, as best as I can tell, every AAP publication on transgenderism simply assumes that the condition exists and then tells ways to fold, spindle, and mutilate a child's body in pursuit of a magical sex transformation.  In other words, to my non-scientific eyes, the AAP is driven more by agendas than by science.

When an organization with suspect funding and trendy biases insists that children as young as three wear masks all day long, despite evidence showing that most kids are at no risk from COVID and that they are at risks from masks, I'd take their advice with a, a barrel of salt.

Image: Children with masks.  Rawpixel.

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