Nickelodeon continues its LGBT crusade for children

When last we caught up with it, Nickelodeon had reached out to the five- to eight-year-old set, the ones who watch Blue's Clues & You, with a colorful video introducing them to homosexuality, so-called transgenderism, pansexualism, and other alternative sexual lifestyles, all to a bouncy tune sung by a tuneless cartoon drag queen.  Since it's still "Pride month," Nickelodeon is back again, this time with the tuneless drag queen explaining all the symbolic meaning behind some of the colors in the alternative sexuality flag.

Nickelodeon, a subsidiary of Viacom International, Inc., is a cable station targeted at children.  It has everything from the aforementioned Blue's Clues & You for the pre-school crowd to fare that older teenagers like to watch.  (When it comes to older kids, it can be described as the edgier version of the equally leftist Disney channel.)  Outside homeschooled families, which have higher standards, it's a good bet that every child in America has spent time watching Nickelodeon products.

The station has always had an unpleasant sexual aura about it.  For twenty years, its most popular producer, Dan Schneider, was alleged to be a creepy pedophile with a foot fetish who sneaked that fetish, plus a lot of other unwholesome sexuality, into his shows.  A disproportionate number of these shows' female stars ended with serious drug, depression, and promiscuity issues.  (Interestingly, almost all the evidence of Schneider's perverse behavior has vanished from the internet.)  Nickelodeon, however, parted ways with Schneider only when the whole MeToo problem caught up with the station.

Foot fetishes and heterosexual pedophilia, though, are so yesterday.  For Nickelodeon, the energy is all about Pride.  (And again, I have no sense of pride related to people on the LGBT spectrum and feel no need to celebrate or promote them.  Apparently bizarrely in 2021, I judge people by the content of their character, not by their sexual plug-and-play options.)

Nickelodeon's latest entry in selling LGBT sexuality to children is another drag queen video, again featuring "Nina West," the man who sang for the Blue's Clues & You video.

By the way, I have a theory about these drag queen videos.  Currently, the world is focused on the fact that young men who cannot compete against other young men in sports are becoming star athletes by declaring that they're women.  Suddenly, they're the fastest, strongest people in the sport.  Today's drag queens strike me as talentless men who, by engaging in ugly, stereotyped parodies of women, are forgiven for their dreadful singing and dancing.  It's the only explanation I can think of to explain their prominence despite inexcusably bad performances.

But back to the new "The Meaning of Pride" video.  This has "Nina West" (the untalented Andrew Levitt) telling children that all the colors in one of the many iterations of the Pride flag stand for virtues.  "Every color in the Pride flag is a symbol in the sky."  If you stick with the interminable, tuneless song, you learn this: Red = life.  Orange = healing.  Yellow = sunlight.  Green = nature.  Blue = harmony.  Purple = spirit.  Baby-blue, pink, and white = transgender.

Oh, yes.  There's one other one.  In the new segregated world of Critical Race Theory, minorities on the LGBT spectrum get their own special colors.  Black and brown = queer and trans people of color.  Go sit in the back of the bus, you segregated people of color, and raise your BLM clenched fists there.

Incidentally, the flag Levitt celebrates is already outdated.  The newest iteration has a purple circle on a yellow triangle to celebrate "intersex" people:

Frankly, I couldn't be more pleased.  With each iteration, this narcissistic flag is getting farther away from being a rainbow.  I don't think it's homophobia to resent the fact that the rainbow, an ancient symbol of hope and beauty, has become completely associated with non-normative sexuality.  If they keep adding new colors and patterns, that much abused rainbow will vanish entirely, and the world will be a better place.

Obviously, I find the whole thing ridiculous.  Well, I would find the whole thing ridiculous were it not for the fact that children's programming in America is aggressively pushing children towards LGBT lifestyles.

And as I always told my kids, I'll love them no matter what, but the reality is that, statistically, you don't want your kids to live life on the spectrum.  They experience much more spousal abuse, more substance abuse, and a greater risk of suicide than their heterosexual peers — and that's true even though, as Bruce Jenner said, it's easier in today's America to come out as transgender than as Republican.

I'm not alone in finding this sexualizing push deeply disturbing.  Notice the dislikes versus likes for the video, along with the fact that Nickelodeon had to turn off the comments:

The way to stop this is to do what leftists have long done: tell Nickelodeon's advertisers that you're done with them until the station stops selling sex and sexual identities to children.  Even among woke corporations, the bottom line still matters.

Image: Adam Levitt as Nina West in the Nickelodeon video.  YouTube screen grab.

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