Science on the dotted line

Two recent articles in American Thinker alarmed me and, at the same time, validated things I've said about COVID and vaccines on these pages since I began writing here in January.  The first showed clearly, with photographic evidence, how the vaccine affects red blood cells.

The linked article showed photos of red blood cells before vaccination, and then 9 and 16 days after the subject was injected.  The pictures warn that these are not benign vaccines.  They show an after-effect that looks alarming.  Yet the if/then equation can't be solved without more data.  Where are the scientists who fell down on that job?  Where is their continued research?  Where are pictures from a month after vaccination, two months, three, etc.?  Why are they missing?

Is it because the results are too scary?  Do these effects dissipate after time?  Or the opposite?

The second article posits that VAERS data have been manipulated.  It notes that in this vaccine era, deaths from "unknown causes" have mysteriously risen, in a proportion that corresponds closely to early recorded death tolls after vaccination, deaths that were initially attributed to reactions to the jab.  Therefore, it speculates that not 5,500 people, but perhaps 32,000 or more have died from the shots themselves.  Again, we don't actually have enough information to do more than make us suspicious.  I think this is because the data rely on humans to input them to a database, collate the information, make judgment calls on what it means, filter it, and disseminate it.  There are multiple points where things can go awry, either intentionally or because of inattention or badly interpreted data, whether willfully or not.

These are but two examples of many.  I've read that now we're finding spike proteins in the ovaries, bone marrow, liver.  Why didn't they think that would happen?  Were there studies that showed that it stayed in the arm?  If not, why make the assumption?  And what went wrong with that assumption?

We can only speculate, at this point, on the long-term meaning of this "discovery."  We can connect a few dots, though.  We read there's an inordinately high rate of spontaneous miscarriage after vaccination.  Is that caused by these spike proteins?  I couldn't find any actual studies that either prove or disprove this.  In fact, the reassuring articles in the MSM tell us that VAERS data are "unreliable" because it's "self-reporting."  We're left to wonder and to draw our own conclusions.

Finally, I just listened to an epidemiologist, Dr. Makary from Johns Hopkins, being interviewed.  He was a pro-vax guy.  Yet he stated that for those under thirty, only one shot is needed.  That it's the second shot that causes the problems, the myocarditis and blood clots.  And that it's because younger bodies are stronger, they have stronger immune systems, so they react more strongly to the vaccine.

The same gentleman said that vaccinating those who had the virus already is a waste of vaccine.  They don't need it.  That leaves me with many questions.  Does one (if under 30) get the same immunity from one shot?  I'm not saying our youths need to be vaccinated at all, but it'd be nice to know!

Can taking only one shot cause the same severe reactions?  Or does it completely stop them?  Finally, where one can get an antibody test before being vaccinated?  Why aren't they widely available and suggested?  It would be a great way to help make an informed decision.

And then, what can be done about the mandates that everyone must be vaccinated before matriculating, no matter whether he's had the virus?  The whole U.C. system requires it for entry, as one example.

In every single thing we "know" about COVID and vaccination, we're missing data, and we're missing logical follow-up to what has been observed.  We're living in the dotted line, as it were.

Why is that?  Is it because the scientists in our country have become so weak and imbecilic that they don't think to say to themselves, "Oh!  Didn't expect that!  Let me do more research and see if it holds true!"?  Or is it because they don't want to know, because if they find out a truth and dare to tell it, they'll be canceled, and their grants will dry up?  Or is it because our scientific "leaders" want to sculpt a result to their liking so their investments (in vaccines, in Chinese research into gain-of-function in viruses) remain viable?

There are too many "why" questions, but I'm sure it all comes down to money, one way or the other.  If not money, it might just be, at this point, for some people to stay out of jail.  Eventually, the lies and omissions will be caught.  Too bad it all profoundly affects our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren.

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