In Biden's world, when it comes to gun crime, it's the gun's fault

President Biden has formally announced his gun crime strategy.  His new, trailblazing initiative blames gun violence on inanimate objects, the guns themselves.  He also blames "rogue" gun dealers, who apparently knowingly provide said objects to criminals.  So be warned: if you have a gun that willfully gets up and starts shooting people, there will be new "resources" to take it down, whether it's an AR-15 with a "hundred round magazine" or a "ghost gun."  There will be zero tolerance — except for Hunter Biden and others who get away with lying on their background checks.

Apparently, "rogue" gun-dealers simply don't bother to do background checks, and they use "loopholes" to provide guns to criminals.  There will be a multi-jurisdictional task force to take them down, coordinated with the ATF and FBI.

This will supplant local law enforcement, allowing the feds to come, take over, work across state lines, and go around local and state laws to get "traffickers."  With their current record of selectively invading people's homes, and their equally appalling record of selective prosecution of only those who lean right, what could go wrong?

Let's say, for instance, a gun-dealer sold to a legitimate buyer, who submitted a background check, with all the paperwork signed.  What happens if he (like Hunter Biden) lied, and didn't get caught by the officials who vet the paperwork?  What happens when that gun is used in a gun crime?  Will that be enough to shut down that dealer?  Sounds to me as though it would be so.  It's a great way to systematically eliminate gun-dealers.

They've already been eliminated here in California, to a significant extent.  In fact, all these gun laws he mentioned already are in force here, so there's nothing new in his proposals, and no, they don't work.  Just look at our crime stats.

Beyond all that, we've apparently already dedicated $350 billion to something called the American Rescue Plan, which money will be distributed to all the violent cities.  New York, the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, Los Angeles, D.C. — you know, the leftist hell-holes where they defunded the police and now need them back.  Neat trick, getting the feds to pay for your police!  Our tax dollars at work.  The money will also fund social workers doing "community violence intervention," to connect people to social services.  Apparently, cognitive therapy works to reduce gun crime by 50%.  In Chicago.  Imagine how many would die if it weren't working!

The one thing that's not included in the description of his new initiative against "gun crime." about arresting the actual criminals who commit the specific gun crimes with the crime guns he so wants to eliminate?  Then how about prosecuting them in a court of law, convicting them, and showing them the legal consequences of their actions — continued incarceration?

Instead of the logical and effective methods by which we have historically reduced crime, such as stop-and-search, Biden blames the pandemic.  Not quite sure how that works.  Is it that people have been cooped up so long, they've gone bat-guano crazy?  Or has COVID (or the inoculation against getting it) stripped them of sanity?  Is it that Mom and Dad succumbed to the virus and are no longer with us to tell us what's right and wrong?

Clearly, the kids have had nothing better to do for a year and a half than perfect their police-car roof twerking and their carjacking skills.  In the meantime, be reassured, because the president also wants the NIH and CDC to "study" gun violence as a "public health threat."

It's a whole 15 minutes or so of painstaking teleprompter-reading, with not one word mentioned about defunding the police, allowing rampant rioting and looting, demoralizing law enforcement by blaming and prosecuting them for doing their jobs, and all the other things the left routinely ignores — the stuff that makes up the "broken windows" aspect of lawlessness.  Not a single mention of Black-on-Black crime, despite the clear upswing in gun violence within that community.  No mention of gangs; no mention of the violent offenders sneaking over the border.

I guess Building Back Better, at the community level, means throwing money at leftist cities, going after the gun-dealers, and making sure that we the people can't use hundred-round magazines, cannons, and F-15s against our government.  And joking about deer in Kevlar vests.

Image: Biden on gun violence (cropped) YouTube screen grab.

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