Goodbye Columbus — hello Columbus

Wonder why the parents are screaming from coast to coast?  Remember the one about a school district eliminating the names of the holidays from the school calendar?  Well, the names are back, because the parents exploded.  This is the story

The Randolph Board of Education did an about-face Monday evening on its decision to remove holiday names from the school calendar following tremendous backlash from the public.

Following the board's action, all holidays will be listed by name on the school calendar, including Columbus Day.

At its May meeting, the board voted to refer to Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples' Day.

Then on June 10 — over loud objections — the board voted to label holidays generically on its one-page calendar. Holidays including Christmas and Veterans Day were just listed as a "Day Off," with no mention of the holiday names.

Thank you, parents.  Thank you for reminding the school administrators who pays the taxes that fund the schools.

My biggest surprise is how liberal, or worse woke, the school boards are.  I'm not surprised that school administrators are woke, but what happened to all of those neighbors who ran for the school board?

The bad news is that school board members lost touch with their neighbors and what they want public school to teach.  The good news is that the parents are fully awake and won't skip the next school board meeting.  In fact, some are running to make sure that the school boards listen to parents rather than the wokies.

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