Kamala Harris gets 'a snack'

So where's Kamala Harris, Joe Biden's border crisis project manager?

Looks like she's in Chicago, getting "a snack," according to White House spokesweasel Jen Psaki.

Such is the simplified summary of the state of things, based on a snapping, flippant reply by the latter to a question from a New York Post reporter. According to the Daily Mail:

New York Post reporter Steven Nelson acknowledged during Wednesday's press briefing: 'As we discussed here today, Vice President Harris is put in charge of addressing the root causes of the border crisis.'

'She hasn't visited the border or Central America or spoken with leaders of El Salvador or Honduras,' he noted. 'She was traveling this week, took time to visit a bakery in Chicago. I'm wondering, is she still working on this and can you address the perception that she's sort of quietly backing off while Secretary Mayorkas is pursuing some Trump-era policies?'

He is referencing Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas appearing to take a hard-line lead on the border crisis despite Harris' role. 

Psaki replied: 'The vice president was visiting Chicago, actually, to talk about COVID and the importance of communities getting the vaccine when it's available and accessible to them.'

'So, while she was there, like many Americans, she got a snack.'

Which is a crap answer. For a vice president to "get a snack" (food police note: a non-nutritional one she probably wouldn't eat in private) takes a lot of pre-planning and time coordination from the Secret Service, the White House schedulers, the limo drivers, the press and other organs of administration. She can easily 'get a snack' just by commanding one of her aides to procure it as is normally done, just ask Amy Klobuchar about that one.

It was obviously done for the cameras, given that it was a South Side Chicago bakery, which was likely black-owned. The idea, of course, was to demonstrate that Harris, far from being a rich elitist scion of a Jamaican-origin Stanford professor dad, and an India-born professor/researcher mom who moved her from rabidly leftist fever-swamp Berkeley, California, to spend the other parts of her childhood in Canada, was actually a down-with-it African-American who always eats sugar-bomb treats same as much of the rest of the community (but somehow doesn't get fat). It was Potemkin theatre to whip up black voters, same as she did with those pork things campaigning in lily-white Iowa, and apparently little else.

In light of what's on her plate, it seemed rather low-priority, actually, given that the presidential campaign won't start until 2023. But as has been famously said of Kamala, she's always campaigning for her next job.

Being busy with that, she's AWOL on the job she's actually being paid to do.

Last March 24, Biden named Harris as his point person to lead the effort to stanch the human waves flooding the U.S. border.

The flood is getting very big indeed, with some 50,000 unaccompanied minors now in the U.S., the highest rate in nearly 20 years, and illegal migrant arrests hitting 170,000 in March alone, with even more expected for April as this Wall Street Journal report noted. Catch and release is back, migrants with COVID are being released to walk about the country, often without court dates, and Biden has incentivized the smuggling of children with the sweetener that no child will ever be sent back (to starve, as he falsely claimed), which has triggered a huge wave of small children traveling alone, many dumped and abandoned in the desert by smugglers as inconvenient baggage. Families are being smashed to smithereens in monster border crashes on remote California and Texas highways, the recent mass-death incidents in overstuffed trucks and trailers not even chases with lawmen hot on their tail. Border detention facilities, formerly known as 'cages' on the left, are at 1,600% capacity.

Biden's blundering policy also stripped the U.S. of its treaties with Central American countries which had significantly halted the human waves earlier. A flood began in November, and has yet to crest. 

Meanwhile, cartels and professional human smuggling rackets have flooded Facebook with ads targeted at would-be illegals promising "guaranteed" entry for a $8,000 or so price, ads that have yet to be ripped down as they violate Facebook's claimed policies against facilitating human trafficking. I found some and wrote about them here. Team Biden has focused on radio ads for dissuading illegal migrants, another useless policy which has had no effect as most migrants are using Facebook and its subsidiary, WhatsApp, for information about how to migrate illegally, as this study found here. And day after day, the sad stories about migrants abandoned, brutalized, raped, blackmailed, or callously killed by this inhuman trade continue.

Arizona's attorney-general says that Kamala Harris hasn't responded to his invitation to tour the border.

You'd think any one of these things might just keep Kamala focused on her big task as border czar. You'd think at least some of that topic would be in her team's purview.

Nope, she's all about diplomacy, as the Biden administration has since hastened to add, looking for all those "root causes." After all, she does take Joe's calls from foreign leaders. But apparently, not the Central American ones where the migrant waves are coming from.

Taking phone calls to negotiate with Central American or Mexican officials? Nope, no record of any so far, as it happens. 

We have heard about her leaked concerns about the slow pace of her home-decorating at the White House vice-presidential mansion, and the rigors of living at Blair House, where she was stationed despite having her own condo near Dupont Circle, with all its beauty parlors and swimming pools.

Her schedule, according to the New York Post, shows no meetings scheduled on the border surge.

And her 'diplomacy'? Well, thus far, the Biden administration has left U.S. diplomats with little with which to persuade their Central American counterparts with. I wrote about the insipid tools they were reduced to using, basically, lecturing Central American states about 'democracy' as reported in the untranslated Central American press here. They're heard it a million times.

Unlike Kamala, though, these nations certainly haven't been doing nothing.

Mexico, for one, is pinning the blame for the border surge right where it belongs, on the Biden/Harris administration. How's Kamala going to negotiate that one?

Or how's Kamala handling this bunch, from Honduras, which already has its hand out for U.S. aid to eliminate all those the "root causes" of why Hondurans can't stand living in Honduras? They're claiming that showering the Honduran government, (whose president has been accused by prosecutors in New York of taking big bucks from a drug dealer), will end all the "root causes" of why Hondurans want to get the hell out of Honduras. Will giving these particular foreign bureaucrats cash end all the root causes? Don't count on Kamala to figure out any of the potential problems with showering likely corrupt governments with big U.S. bucks. Notice that nobody from Honduras, based on the reporting seen, has bothered with contacting Kamala in any case. They go where they might actually get some money, correctly reading that she's AWOL.

How's Kamala going to explain the shifts and surges and backtracks in Joe Biden's inchoate border policies to these counterparts? One can just imagine.

What this lazy, disgraceful scenario, of a vice president more preoccupied with home decorating, snacks, and photo ops, is the Biden administration in action. Joe didn't want the problem pinned to him, so he fobbed it off to the inept Harris. Harris has talked dreck on the matter, and carried on with her priorities, which mainly amount to camera photo shoots, like some celebrity influencer with politics added. Neither cares in the least what goes on at the border, what they want is for the illegals to roll in, the money to flow, and the problem to go away. Holding Kamala at least accountable, as Fox News and the New York Post are doing, is a pretty good way for voters to get a whiff of the real agenda here. The Bidenites, particularly Harris, are feathering their nests.  The border can do what it is going to do, to paraphrase their ally, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. That's "who they are."

Image: Official Senate photo, filtered with FotoSketcher.

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