Human smuggling rackets are still shilling their 'services' to would-be illegal migrants on Facebook

As illegal migrants surge across our southern border, NBC and the Daily Mail had a good, if limited, piece on the fact that the human smugglers profiting from it are openly advertising for clients on Facebook.

According to NBC News:

Human smugglers are openly advertising their services on Facebook, falsely telling Central Americans interested in crossing illegally into the United States that they can promise a "100 percent" safe journey.

While the use of social media by smugglers is not new, the practice is growing, fueling false hope as more migrants fall prey to misinformation about how the Biden administration will welcome them, according to Department of Homeland Security officials, immigration experts and lawyers.

"Travel to Mexico to the United States. Costs $8,000. 100 percent safe," reads a recent post written in Spanish. "Cross through Matamoros. You walk one hour, after in automobile until you arrive to your relative."

The Spanish-language posts identified by NBC News were found on public Facebook pages with names like "Migrants from Various Countries in Mexico" and "Migrants in the Mexico-U.S.A. Border Awaiting Hearing."

NBC reported that the Facebook removed all the posts flagged as human-smuggling ads following after NBC alerted them. 

Problem: There are a lot more of them. It's almost as if the Facebook removals were some sort of public relations gesture on behalf of the Biden administration, which is looking for some good spin for itself as the migrant surge grows into a tidal wave. Or maybe that Facebook's pro-open-borders founder, Mark Zuckerberg, doesn't mind if his site becomes an open-air bazaar for smugglers of illegal aliens. A few days ago, the Wall Street Journal reported that migrant arrests at the border reached a 15-year high at 170,000 arrests just for March alone. 

So much for old Joe's recent claim that the migrant surge now is just cyclical and has nothing to do with his open invitation to migrants to enter the U.S. illegally, particularly to unaccompanied children.

With the Border Patrol preoccupied with rescuing kids and toddlers flung over the border wall and babysitting them while they try to get their illegal alien relatives to pick up the phone and provide their addresses so they can fly them to their destinations at taxpayer expense, you can bet that countless non-child illegals are rolling in, too, convinced the Border Patrol is going to be too busy with the kids to get them. The baseline stat for illegal immigration is one bust per nine escapes. Odds now are that the ratio is even lower. Plus, the Mexican consulate in San Francisco has a handy dandy guide for illegals on how to dodge the Border Patrol or lawyer one's way out. "It's better to be prepared," the guide says.

That leaves Joe Biden with a problem. And sure enough, being Biden, he's got an answer for this surge: Radio ads.

According to the Federation for Immigration Reform:

 ...the Biden White House still ran thousands of radio ads in Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras in Spanish, Portuguese, and six indigenous languages in hopes that it could set the record straight about the southern border.

That was Biden's solution to halting it. FAIR notes far from being radio that's driving the human waves, the vehicle now for illegal immigration is social media.

Talk radio, which was once seen as the dominant method of communication and coordination for migration in Central and South America, has seen a significant decline in these regions.  

The State Department has recently revealed that “data shows mobile is the dominant source of media consumption in the region,” and digital ads placed on Facebook and Instagram have reached more than 26 million people since Inauguration Day.”

But sure enough, Joe goes radio to stop the migrant surge. On social media, he is silent. Way to go, Joe. 

Biden sure as hell hasn't woken up to the scary reality of the huge human-smuggling presence on Facebook, which is there because billions in profits for smugglers are already rolling in:

I did a search of 'inmigrante' on Facebook looking for such groups and was floored by what I saw.

The first 'group' I found was called Inmigrante Centroamericano with 95,900 members. Within the last few hours, and last few days, you can read posts like this:

Here's a Google Translate:

We continue working to fulfill the American dream
Crossing through Tijuana on the line
INTERESTED PEOPLE more information send inbox❗️❗️
It drew 29 messages of interest from would-be illegals. And who is Andrea Gomez?

Hard to say. She has a cartoon face. She has five facebook friends. She claims she is married and lives in San Diego. She has a few posted border pictures, including one on her banner page and pretty much nothing else. Sounds like she could be what she suggests she is ... someone who is engaged in an activity she doesn't want anyone, including the people she is asking money from, to know. One possibility, in any case, there are many.

Here's another: 

Via Google Translate and my own tweaks: Study so that the Coyote can say: I helped him rise to become a medical doctor. 

What a deal.

Here's a more low-rent direct approach:

Translation: We continue crossing into the United States successfully inbox for information

There's also this:

Via Google Translate:
Hello friends of 🇨🇷🇵🇫🇨🇱🇪🇨🇨🇴🇻🇪🇧🇷
I offer drop-offs at the Mexico City airport, ✈️absolutely safe with a 180-day permit and for people with deportations or alerts there are also ... don't risk being deported or scammed
We also have safe crosses, we will put you with someone you trust and we will take you to your destination in the USA 🇺🇸
⚠️ WITHOUT ADVANCES everything is paid when you are in a safe place ⚠️
Don't think twice and fulfill the American dream today.
For more information send inbox and we will attend you shortly.
Sounds like a lot of customer-service.
Or this, from someone who likes to show his "services" in action, through pictures, as his advertising tool:
Google Translate says: You want to achieve that great American dream we take you very safe and reliable I send them tests through inbox serious people I sent inbox
There are dozens more, I have the screen shots, just don't want to crash the system with that many photos or spend several hours image-optimizing them on Photoshop. They are interspersed with migrant warnings about bad human-smuggling experiences, migrant warnings about scammers, and cartel pornoviolence that I can't look at - one showed cartel members pointing guns at the temples of a tied-up distressed migrant on his knees with one stroking his head as if he were a cat as he begged for his life -- I couldn't look beyond that. There's also real porn and ads for what appear to be hookers displaying their "wares" for buyers alongside religious prayers and invocations for migrants, all mixed in. It's a hell of a grotesque Facebook page and pops up first every time you put the word 'inmigrante' into the Facebook search feature.
Bottom line: This stuff is going on something fierce and Facebook only seems to be shutting down such sites if they come to the attention of the press. The smugglers, though, don't seem to be shut down, they just migrate to advertise on other sites, or like con men traveling from town to town changing their names, changing their Facebook pages every time they get flagged, assuming the flagging has any effect.
A lot of money is changing hands now with these big migrant smuggling ads all over the place -- and on other social media sites such as WhatsApp, too. Twitter must have plenty as well if they are as 'diligent' as Facebook about deleting such human-smuggling ads. And yes, social media makes lots of money from its visitor participation.
It signals that migrant smuggling is big business with billions of dollars at stake, with a highly developed network infrastructure. That should be fairly easy for a social media giant like Facebook to shut down --- yet it isn't. Facebook, see, and its Chinese censors, is preoccupied with deleting Republicans, it seems. 

The infrastructure is so well developed illegal migrants now have a Yelp-like page from which to post their human-smuggling experiences. I wrote about this here.

What does this say about Joe Biden? Robert Gates and his 2014 dictum on Joe Biden's reading of foreign policy springs to mind: "I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

What does this say about Facebook with its leaders' loud support for open borders?

What does this say about all the worthless efforts so far to stem the tide of illegal migration? The only thing one can possibly conclude is that Biden doesn't really care, and open-borders advocate Mark Zuckerberg, who runs Facebook, is just a little disingenuous about deleting the human-smuggling services proliferating on his Facebook site.

Images: Screen shots from publicly visible Facebook.

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