Are we witnessing a long planned hostile takeover?

Dominion Systems voting software is in the headlines this week, riveting the attention of anyone who is following this 2020 presidential election outcome.  What's becoming clear is that we're watching a vast, long planned scheme, rather than just the impulse of a bizarre year.

Dominion Systems voter software is supposed to tabulate electronic votes automatically.  It is used in at least 28 states — not in Texas, though, because the governor's office concluded that Dominion was too flawed to secure voter integrity.  Other experts have agreed.  Even Dominion's vice president, Eric Coomer, admits that the system is vulnerable.

In this video, when the New York Times purported to care about election fraud, a computer software I.T. specialist and hacker demonstrates unequivocally why and how voting machines are bad:

Dominion's headquarters are in Toronto, Canada.  According to former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, the company's Toronto offices share a floor with the George Soros–funded Tides Canada Foundation.

Dominion runs on computers from Smartmatic, a mysterious Venezuelan company with a history of miscounted elections.  Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, the chairman of the company that owns Smartmatic, is a Soros crony.

The Dominion/Smartmatic combo was purportedly used in Hugo Chávez's 2004 election and again in the 2013 Venezuelan election, which elected Nicolás Maduro by a thin margin that the opposition contested.  It's also possible that a unit of the United States European Command compelled a CIA unit in Germany to turn over its Dominion servers.

In sum, our American votes for this highly contested 2020 presidential election were counted using identifiably flawed software that offers hackability as a "feature" and has strong links to foreign countries and George Soros.  Nevertheless, in July 2019, Georgia paid $106 million for its Dominion System voter software, despite fraud concerns:

Dominion systems also operate in Arizona, Nevada, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

When POTUS tweeted last week that 2.7 million votes were switched from Trump to Biden via a software glitch, he was referring to the Dominion/Smartmatic pairing.  For just one example of the electronic game-playing, "[i]n the Georgia election, 800 ballots were marked only for President Trump, and 96,800 were marked only for Joe Biden."  For president-only ballots, this is statistically impossible, according to a statistical calculation called the Bernoulli Trial.

Trey Trainor, the Federal Election Commission chair, told Newsmax TV, "I do believe that there's voter fraud taking place in these places.  Otherwise, they would allow the [poll] observers to go in[.]"  Lin Wood, a celebrated free speech attorney, put his reputation on the line to say the same:



As you think about the Democrats' avid embrace of voting machines with a history of fraud, here are two more things to mull:

First, remember that Biden hired hundreds of lawyers before this election, allegedly to fortify himself for a possible contested election outcome.  Then, just days before the election, he clearly stated that he and Obama "built the most extensive voter fraud network in the history of the United States."

Is it possible that the Democrats intentionally tied up the nation's election fraud lawyers so that, if Trump dared to point out election fraud, he and the over 73 million Americans he represents would struggle to find top-notch election fraud lawyers without a conflict of interest?  It helps that leftist activists are also intimidating  Trump's attorneys into withdrawing.

Second, for four years, Hillary Clinton has vociferously claimed that the 2016 election was "stolen" from her.  Nevertheless, despite Hillary's and the Democrats' considerable influence and power over state institutions, they didn't push hard to ax voting systems they knew were vulnerable to corruption.  Could that be because they calculated that it was to their greater advantage to preserve a corrupt voting system than to end it for Clinton's sake?

Consider this: could the Dems have mounted such an extensive and successful "social justice" campaign (arguably a four-year "civil war") these past four years if Hillary had been in the White House?  Quite simply, no.

Am I alone in beginning to feel that this entire thing is playing out like some long planned, sinister script, intended to move America toward a radicalized, weakened descent into chaos and misery?  The evidence of national vote fraud in voting machines is irrefutable, yet Democrats, knowing about their problems, embraced them.

They tried to steal the presidency.

Image: Dominion voting machines in Georgia.  YouTube screen grab.

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