About that phony press claim that President Trump didn't care about COVID...

One of the biggest press canards out there is that President Trump didn't care about COVID or the many U.S. deaths associated with COVID, the disease with its origins in Red China.

Michael Gerson is one of them.  He and other de facto campaign workers for Joe Biden at the Washington Post are continuing their years-long attack on Trump on this line.

Gerson claims that Trump didn't give a damn about the virus and then blamed him for all the deaths.  What a load of pure dung!

Here he goes:

Trump is engaging in U.S. history's deadliest-ever sulk ...

But though Trump will be remembered for all these things, he will be judged for one thing above all: When the pandemic came and hundreds of thousands of Americans died he didn't give a damn.

The president who didn't give a damn instituted a travel ban on China while the World Health Organization said the disease wouldn't pass human to human, while Dr. Anthony Fauci and the CDC said it wasn't dangerous, and while the media and other Democrats said it was no more dangerous than the flu.

While Trump instituted the travel restrictions, Biden, whom journalists say, with zero evidence, would have done better, called Trump's travel restrictions racist, xenophobic, and an overreaction.

The president who didn't give a damn immediately mobilized the private sector and government to produce protective equipment and ventilators, which the Obama/Biden administration had depleted, at a time when the CDC and WHO said people shouldn't wear masks and while Fauci said it was OK to go on cruise ships and while Nancy Pelosi was telling people to party it up in San Francisco's Chinatown.  

Ron Klain, Biden's chief of staff, said the Obama/Biden administration screwed everything up on the swine flu that over sixty million Americans got.  He said it was only luck that caused deaths to be so low.  How many deaths would have been attributed to swine flu if all people who died with swine flu were actually attributed to the H1N1 swine flu?

Why do the media bury the story that Obama/Biden screwed up their swine flu response and claim baselessly that Biden would handle COVID better than Trump?  The clear answer is that most of the media haven't cared about facts for a long time, because all they care about is empowering Democrats.

Four days after Fauci said it was safe to go on cruise ships, the CDC gave the warning, without scientific data supporting it, that millions would die and hundreds of millions of Americans would get COVID-19.

The president, who didn't give a damn, then immediately warned the American people and many governors began their tyrannical orders to destroy the American economy and people's lives, including shutting schools.

Why do states like Florida, that have never had the most severe lockdowns or restrictions and no statewide mask mandates, have better results than states like New York, New Jersey, and Illinois?  Don't the media and other Democrats give a damn about the scientific data or actual results?

Within a couple of weeks of the made-up modeling numbers, the president who didn't give a damn had provided hospital ships to New York and California.  The military built massive health facilities in Louisiana, Illinois and Seattle.  The president, who didn't give a damn, also provided huge numbers of ventilators to New York and elsewhere.  Clearly, he had to prepare for this before the middle of March warning or the reaction wouldn't have been so quick but he didn't give a damn and waited too long.  Most of the additional facilities and ventilators weren't used because the modeling numbers were made up, but it is all the president's fault because he reacted too...slowly.

While Trump was reacting quickly, New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo and others intentionally sent in COVID-sick people to nursing homes with vulnerable elderly people, which killed tens of thousands.  But all the deaths are Trump's fault as the media cheer on Cuomo and the other governors who pretend they care about all deaths.

The president who didn't give a damn then started Operation Warp Speed that got us multiple vaccines in eight months. 

It is a shame that most of the media and other Democrats don't give a damn about the children as they keep the schools closed without scientific data supporting the closures.  Look at the short- and long-term physical, mental, emotional, and financial damage those closures cause.  Trump, who doesn't give a damn, has advocated getting the schools open since March because he follows the science.

Democrats claim they are the party of science, but their actions and policies have shown they don't care about science at all.

For example: They count all deaths remotely associated with COVID as caused by COVID.  Our health care expert in Illinois gave an example.  She said that if a person was dying soon from stage 4 cancer and happened to get COVID they would say the death was caused by COVID. Who, with a brain, would count a death caused by cancer, as caused by the flu? That is clearly a political or agenda driven decision, not a scientific one. They have never counted deaths in that way for the seasonal flu, swine flu or any other virus as far as I can tell. But the media and Biden say all deaths are Trump's fault. CDC said in August that less than 7% of deaths were COVID alone. Most of the deaths were elderly people with over two other co-morbidity causes.

Another example is climate change: There is not one piece of scientific data that shows a direct cause and effect between oil and coal use and temperature, sea level or storm activity yet Democrats claim there is in their effort to control, remake and destroy the economy.

Democrats also claim they care about all lives and healthcare.  So why would they have Ezekiel Emanuel as a trusted advisor on ObamaCare and COVID? He believes in lockdowns and has said that people who have lived to age 75 have lived long enough? Most people who have died from COVID are over 75 so it appears that Emanuel would say their deaths are fine.  Democrats also won't support the born alive act which would provide health care to children born alive at Planned Parenthood facilities and elsewhere.

Why would we trust Democrats to provide health care to all of us when they don't give a damn about the most vulnerable?

It has been clear for years that almost no supposed journalists at Washington Post, New York Times, CNN and elsewhere give a damn about the truth. All they care about is power for Democrats.

Saying Trump didn't give a damn about the virus and is therefore responsible for all deaths is as big a lie as the Russian collusion hoax they spread for years. They should stop pretending they care about the truth. It is no wonder most of the public has no respect for the sycophant puppets posing at journalists.

Image credit: Pixabay public domain.

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