Adam Schiff, the poster boy for Democrat venality

For four years, Adam Schiff knowingly lied to the American people in his quest to destroy the Trump presidency.  He very likely knew from the outset that the allegations he pushed were fabricated by Hillary Clinton, that the dossier was commissioned and paid for by Hillary Clinton and her party, and that every word of it was a lie.  Part and parcel of the Russia hoax was the idea that Trump had cheated his way into the Oval Office with Russian help.  

Schiff appeared on all the anti-Trump news outlets almost nightly to spew his treachery, even claiming to have “seen” plenty of evidence that supported the charges of collusion.  Eventually, he held secret interviews with every person remotely involved in the hoax, and under oath, not one of them could assert they had ever seen any actual evidence of the President’s connivance with any Russians.  Not one.  But after each day’s secret hearings he would go before the media’s cameras and swear he had the goods to impeach Trump.  For four years the sycophantic media reported night after night that Trump was guilty of collusion with Russia and that his presidency was illegitimate.  But not one of them had ever “seen” one shred of evidence.

As everyone knows now, the entire Mueller investigation was a sham; Mueller likely knew from early on that there was nothing to it, that it had been fabricated by Hillary and her cabal.  Andrew Weissman surely knew.  But these folks do not care one bit about the truth.  They care about power and Trump’s vow to drain the swamp was a threat to their operating outside of the law, a privilege they all took for granted. 

As we are seeing more and more each day, they make the rules but do not live by them themselves.  While there were many people who were part of the attempted coup, Adam Schiff was the public face of it, the liar-in-chief.  He led the phony impeachment attempt, probably to conceal the Biden family’s corruption there.  Not knowing there was a recording of the President’s phone call to the new President of Ukraine, he made-up an absurd bad-Hollywood-film version of what Trump supposedly said to him on that call.  

One would think he would be mortified.  He has been caught lying too many times to count. The only explanation is that he suffers from some sort of sociopathy, as does Joe Biden who has also been found to be lying to the public countless times over the years.   But neither Schiff nor Biden is embarrassed or contrite about any of their public lies.  Seemingly entirely self-unaware, they just keep lying.  

Now that it is stunningly clear that the Democrats cheated to ensure a Biden win in this election, Schiff is shamelessly appearing on the go-to Democrat cable news channels to indict Trump for daring to suggest any cheating took place when it is beyond obvious that it did.  We know thousands of dead people voted in all the swing states.  We know that more ballots were cast than there are registered voters in those states.  And how can anyone explain that 18m more people voted in this election when the median number of voters for the past four elections is around 129m.  This time it was 151m!  It is simply not possible that 18m more people voted in the 2020 election.  So, the reports of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, perhaps Nevada and Georgia as well, of hundreds of thousands of ballots pre-marked for Biden and no down-ballot candidates suddenly appeared in the wee small hours of Nov. 4 are very likely true.  There are at least 300k suspicious Biden votes in PA.  How did so many down-ballot Republicans win new House seats and Trump lose?  Again, not likley.  The voting machines were programmed to flip Trump votes to Biden but Trump’s massive lead on election night triggered the shut-down of counting in those above-named states.  Then suddenly, Biden passed up Trump’s 500k lead in PA?  Not at all likely.

But liar-in-chief Schiff is out there again accusing Trump of “undermining democracy.”  Now that is rich!  Schiff and his pals spent the entirety of Trump’s presidency undermining democracy in their unrelenting attempt to destroy his presidency by thoroughly illegitimate means.  Schiff is like the rough beast that crawled out of the primordial ooze that is the DC swamp.  He and his fellow Democrats and their obsequious handmaidens in the media are so self-righteous, they actually believe that their cheating and stealing is virtuous!  

Trump supporters aren’t just deplorable in their view, we are Nazis, Klansmen, rednecks, rubes, and hicks.  There is no insult too abhorrent for the likes of Schiff and his party with which to malign Republicans.  Now. many among them want to put us into re-education camps or to conduct truth and reconciliation commissions.  It’s not enough to cheat their way into power, they still want to destroy anyone and everyone who supported Trump.  Harvard students seek to prevent anyone who worked in the Trump administration from ever appearing on their campus, let alone speak.  

As Jason Whitlock wrote a week or so ago, this election was about love vs. hate.  Trump’s supporters love this country and love Trump because he so passionately loves this country.  The Democrats hate America as founded, they loathe the President because he has accomplished so much good for the economy, minorities, the Middle East, the military, and our veterans, all of which highlights their incompetency over the last sixty years.  

We are likely to see Adam Schiff and his fellow hypocrites all day long viciously attacking the President for failing to concede and slink away with his tail between his legs.  They should have known long ago that is not how he operates.  He fights back and this massive vote counting fraud is a fight worth having.  If the Democrats get away with so overtly stealing this election, there are 72-80 million people who will never trust an American election again for good and obvious reasons. 

It is a tragedy that Schiff was re-elected in his district, typical for California. He does absolutely nothing for his constituents there.  He rarely shows up there.  His opponent, Eric Early, was a far better man who would have served the people of that district.  Schiff’s single mission in life these past four years was to destroy the President.  

If the Democrats get away with stealing this election and Biden is inaugurated, Schiff will again be all over cable news denouncing the Trump administration and his assertions will all be lies.  He will support the weak and senile Biden no matter how much damage he does to the nation and if there is one thing that we can all be certain of, it is that Biden will do terrible damage.  But it will be Obama pulling the strings.  Schiff will be right there ingratiating himself to the traitors who stole this election and to the media fanboys and girls who are determined to remake this once great nation into their warped vision of a class-based Marxist/Leninist oppressive future.  

They will be restricting most of the freedoms we’ve long taken for granted thanks to our Constitution.  They will be living the high life to which they’ve all become accustomed.  Few, if any, of them bother to live by the covid restrictions they impose on the rest of us.  Let us hope and pray that Trump proves that the massive fraud that took place and that we never again resort to mail-in ballots and corrupted vote machines.

Acricature by Donkey Hotey

CC BY 2.0

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