The numbers prove voter fraud

How do we know there is massive voter fraud?

Let's take a glance at past presidential voting totals and compare them to this year's:

2008: 129,500,000.

2012: 127,000,000.

2016: 129,000,000. 

So how many more votes should there have been this year, if any voter tallies were honest?

Let's say Trump did a good job of getting more of his supporters registered and voting.  How many did that harvest?  Two million (and that's being very generous)?  And how many did the Democrats honestly register and get to vote, given their extraordinary anti-Trump motivation?  Three million, again to be generous.

So this year, if the voting were as honest as it was in 2016 — which isn't saying very much — there should have been no more than 134 million votes cast.  right?

2020: To date (November 16) — 151,890,753 — and the vote count still isn't complete, because California is still corruptly continuing to harvest votes and won't be done until almost Christmas!

How did we suddenly get 18 million more votes?

To date, Biden has scored 78,764,266 votes and Trump 73,126,487.

Note that Trump scored 10 million more votes this year than he did four years ago.

Nobody has accused Trump of massive vote theft, so we should suppose that he must have gotten most of his new votes legitimately from voters who voted for Crooked Hillary, right?  That would be at least 8 million of his own 10 million increase. 

But in a year with a normal increase in votes, that would mean that Biden should have scored around 58–60 million, because Trump would have taken those votes from him.

If you had told me before the vote-counting began that Trump would outdo himself by 10 million votes over four years ago, I'd have told you that it can only mean that Trump won in a Reagan-style landslide.

But instead, we see Biden with 18–20 million more!

Massive corruption with literally tens of millions of counterfeit votes is the only way this could have happened.  

On November 15, Obama said Trump should concede "for the good of the country."  But no — it's the opposite that is true.  For the good of the country, Trump must continue to fight.

Because if he doesn't, if the Democrats are allowed to get away with this kind of massive voter fraud, it will mean that the Democrats will establish a corrupt PRI-style one-party state like the one that ruined Mexico for an entire century.  It will mean that the United States will become el México del Norte.

So now, the Republican Legislatures have a clear moral duty: they must award their electoral votes to Donald Trump, even if that means they must set aside and ignore their states' official vote tallies.

Image: Tom Arthur.

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