Canceling student loan debt is now a top Democrat priority

Today, Democrats stepped up their effort to convince Americans that they have a moral obligation to pay off the loans for college grads who incurred massive student loan debts for useless majors that left them unemployed or underemployed.  This is one more reason why Trump voters cannot give up on giving Trump all the support they can in his fight to expose the massive election fraud that stole his victory two weeks ago.

The new plan is for Joe Biden, via executive order, to immediately cancel up to $50,000 per person in outstanding student loan debt.  Forcing responsible Americans to pay off the crippling debts that college students freely incurred in the pursuit of useless degrees is not a new idea.

When Elizabeth Warren was still a primary contender, she blatantly sneered at a man who was outraged that, despite his having worked hard to pay for his daughter's college education, she now expected him to subsidize the education of others who didn't make intelligent plans, whether they overspent on college or got a major that left them earning a pittance:

Warren was so cavalier because responsible people who work hard to pay for their life choices are not the Democrat constituency.  The Democrat constituency consists of those who are richer than God and use their pocket change for the children's Ivy League degrees.  Alternatively, Democrats speak to people who don't have money but spend as if they do, confident that the Democrats will eventually bail them out.

It's this second category that's so excited about student loan forgiveness.  These are the people who spent $300,000 at an Ivy League to get a double-degree in puppetry and gender studies, with a side order of race-hatred and neuroses.  The last acquisition — neuroses — is an especially big problem for women.  They enter college relatively normal and too often leave after being turned into man-hating, self-loathing, neurotic messes who cannot understand why their womyn's studies degrees aren't getting her a well paying job.  Ryan Long nailed it (language and vulgarity warning):

In other words, too many of the people holding student debt aren't victims of hard times.  They're living out the reality of their appalling choices.

Already back in October, Sen. Chuck Schumer was speaking to these people when he promised that one of Biden's first acts, if he shuffled into the White House, would be to relieve them of the debt they willingly took on:

One of the things, by the way, I am working with them on with Elizabeth Warren that may affect your audience. We believe that President Biden if he becomes president could eliminate student loan debt without Congress [mimics signing a document] with the flick of a pen. He has the power. So, we're proposing that the first $50,000 of everyone's student debt will automatically be eliminated.

On Monday, many Democrats took to the internet to promise their core constituency of undereducated, indoctrination, broke college graduates that Grandpa Joe will take care of them:

The goal here isn't altruism.  The goal, always, is to squeeze more American young people into the indoctrination factories that were once our esteemed colleges and universities.

For years, my kids heard how I spent 50 hours a week during college working and commuting so that I could afford an education.  At the end of law school, my total debt was $6,400, which I paid off in three years.  I cannot tell you how bitterly I would resent it if a portion of my incredibly hard earned money went to subsidize someone with a newly minted social justice degree (yes, it is a major).

Remember — no one forced these people to take on the debt.  They volunteered.  Even more than Obamacare, this is the kind of thing that can kickstart a new Tea Party in America, one as dedicated to liberty as the first one in 1773.

Image: IOU bag of money by Zoli Erdos.  CC BY-SA 2.0.

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