Our feral American media

Many have noticed that Trump, in addition to being perhaps the most accomplished president America has ever had, also has a magic power: He makes bad people reveal themselves. For years, leftists have played at being “nice.” Through their media dominance, they’ve sold themselves as the “compassionate,” “caring” ideology. They’re the ones who look out for the little people. However, Trump’s magic means that he has goaded leftists into revealing that they are vicious, power-hungry, feral people. Their true nature has never been more evident than in a striking 27-second video following a Mike Pence press conference.

To get the full flavor of the hysterical media, you have to walk back several days to Biden’s first press conference after the media anointed him as the chosen one:

Fawning seems like an inadequate word to describe the adoring tongue bath the media gave Biden. It feels like the Obama era all over again. Indeed, it’s Obama on steroids because the media hate Trump even more than they loved Obama – and that’s saying a lot.

Fast forward to Thursday. Vice President Mike Pence presided over a Wuhan virus briefing, the first since July. Once he and his team had their say, Pence thanked the reporters, and then he and his team walked out.

Looked at objectively, it was an intelligent thing to do. The press long ago abandoned even the pretense of seeking information during the Trump administration’s Wuhan virus press briefings. For them, every engagement with a member of the Trump administration is the opportunity for a game of “gotcha!”  The fact that the media are uninformed, biased, and cretinous never stops them.

Pence rightly assumed that no intelligent questions would be forthcoming from the unsavory bunch of “journalists” seated before him. He also realized that, rather than seeking to get information for the public about where we stand with the Wuhan virus (mostly, more diagnoses because of more testing, a lower death rate because of better treatments), the media would attack the Trump administration for daring to oppose the Associated Press’s election call.

So, as noted above, Pence said, “thank you,” and walked out. That’s when the primal screaming began:

Again, contrast the media’s behavior with the way they treat Joe Biden, a corrupt man who has never been right about a political decision in his entire time in Washington D.C. Additionally, Biden has happily pimped out his debauched son to foreign governments hostile to America in order to enrich himself and his family.

Of course, reading those words, I suddenly understand what’s happening: The media are responding to Biden like little lost lambkins that finally found their mother. After all, like Biden, the media are utterly corrupt and have been doing their damnedest for the last twenty years to subordinate America to the U.N. and, failing that, to China. No wonder they react to Pence’s moral decency like a snail to salt or a vampire to a cross.

Image: Hysterical media after Trump presser. Twitter screengrab.