The press conference the media mocked, derided, and refused to cover

I watched the news conference Thursday conducted by President Trump's campaign attorneys, and later visited the websites of the major networks to see what their interpretation of the bombshell would be. 
CNN said they wouldn’t even air the news conference because it was ‘so bananas’ and ‘full of BS.’ Yes, really.
MSNBC linked to a Chuck Todd commentary saying: “This has been a bonkers press conference.”  
ABC linked to this headline: “Promising more lawsuits, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani recycles debunked claims.”  
CBS News, at 9:32 p.m., had no mention of the news conference at all.  
NBC News put out: “Rudy Giuliani baselessly alleges ‘centralized’ voter fraud at free-wheeling news conference.”  
Fox News's Kristin Fisher blatantly called Giuliani a liar. 
Even Tucker Carlson, despite calling the electoral fraud "the single greatest crime in American history” raised doubts about top Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, because she went without sending his show ‘a single page’ of evidence, despite ‘polite requests.’ 
(By contrast, Jeffrey Lord, at the American Spectator, read the Pennsylvania lawsuit himself, documented some of the points within it, even referred to it as ‘chapter and verse of fraud,’ and didn’t mention once it not being handed to him after polite requests.)
One of the stated purposes of the press conference was to provide the circumstantial evidence of massive numbers of incidences of fraud, across several states, and potentially every state, as an introduction before it is presented as direct evidence in court.  That purpose was specifically to counter the prevailing reporting by the networks mentioned above, and others, that no evidence exists of fraud.  At one point, Giuliani mentioned approximately 1,000 affidavits, not all of which are public, but many that are, and accompany the lawsuit filings as a matter of public record. 
That leads to another purpose of the press conference, which was to tell the journalists to stop lying to the American public, and do some journalism.  If it isn’t handed to you, go find it; it’s in public records.  
The problem with that purpose is it presupposes that upon finding evidence of fraud, the journalists would report it truthfully.  And we know that is not true from the links above, and the lack of concern and seriousness in their reporting on the ‘single greatest crime in American history’.  Words like ‘bonkers,’ ‘bananas,’ and ‘free-wheeling’ typify the level of professionalism in today’s news industry, not grave dangers to our freedom and way of life. 
While real Americans are outraged, demand the truth, and insist if the allegations are true, the offenders be punished commensurate with their crimes, those Americans only by luck of birth dismiss the notion of any malfeasance, and joke about the real Americans pressing for truth.  
Their agenda is more personal, individual, selfish and agenda driven.  To them, America is the distance they can reach, the stuff they own, or the single human who looks back from a mirror; not a gift, a blessing, a treasure, a lifeline, the savior of the world multiple times over, the end of the rainbow, a community of free people, the most powerful nation on Earth, the greatest form of government ever conceived by man, my country ‘tis of thee, or one nation under God, etc., etc., etc.  They see it as a convenience, “What’s in it for me?”  
Despite winning the lottery of life and being born American, many don’t like it, and don’t want it.  They certainly don’t deserve it, and refuse to work for it.  Freedom is hard, and it takes work, sacrifice, empathy and compassion extending beyond the self.  Movies like The Hunger Games and Divergent may be fictional, but they portray very real tyranny that exists today in other parts of our world, and could easily exist here if we give an inch. 
Think of it like this . . . you have the coronavirus.  It got into your body and it’s a potent strain.  You aren’t perfect, perhaps a bit out of shape, not the best genes, but seemingly healthy and living life to its fullest.  You can ignore it because you’re busy, don’t have time to quarantine, and you just don’t believe it will affect you because you’re healthy enough and young enough to beat it.  Maybe you’re right.  The odds appear to be on your side, and you might just win this.  
But what if that genetic thing you heard about in your family years ago and has never shown itself to you suddenly appears and the virus loves it.  It’s your weak spot and the pathway to ravaging your body, and by the time you realize what’s happening, medicine can’t help you.  The virus will win this one, and obviously you’ll never be the same, but neither will your children, your family, or the others touched by your death.
You are America’s election system.  The coronavirus is massive election fraud.  That genetic thing is the election fraud you only heard about that’s been happening behind the scenes for decades on smaller scales.  Your body is America, and your family members are our allies.  The others touched by your death are America’s enemies.  Just play it out.
Wouldn’t some form of treatment be better than this potential?  The truth is the treatment.  Only that can fix it.  And if the truth reveals it isn’t broken, then it’s still fixed by restoring faith and confidence in the system. 
Americans deserve to know the truth about what happened, and both Republicans and Democrats need to call for the transparency that reveals the truth. 
Donald N. Finley is a retired U.S. Air Force Colonel.
Image credit: Bloomberg Quicktake // YouTube screen shot
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