The truth about climate change 'prosperity'

Those who advocate for sweeping government power to reverse global warming assert that it will lead to a "more prosperous" Vermont future.  Consider the $300,000,000 the Agency of Natural Resources estimates it will cost to resurface Rutland businesses under the "3-Acre Rule," a preposterous proposal to "help Rutland prosper" by imposing these costs on longstanding businesses.  This plan mandates that businesses retroactively install storm water drains to protect Lake Champlain.  Disrupting businesses and imposing a huge economic burden on owners will hurt sales and threaten productive jobs.  But the state of Vermont extols the huge economic boon this will be for engineers and construction companies. This is short-term, nonproductive waste.  No goods sold; just costs of goods sold.  There is no economic growth, only a government-mandated payday for one group of businesses by way of...(Read Full Post)
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