The Jews are Coming!

The New York Times has paid scant attention to Palestinian vandalism and attacks on Jewish religious shrines -- whether in east Jerusalem or in the West Bank. Protecting the Western Wall or Joseph's Tomb near Nablus or Rachel's Tomb near Hebron is not high on the Times' coverage agenda. What does concern the Times and warrants an alarming two-page spread in the Sept. 22 edition is Jewish presence on Temple Mount, Judaism's holiest site. Jerusalem bureau chief Jodi Rudoren pulls out all the stops in warning that any increase in Jewish visitors is bound to be seen as a provocation by Palestinians -- with God knows what consequences. The headlines set the tone: "Claiming the Heart of Jerusalem" and "Jews Increasingly Challenge Rules to Claim Heart of Jerusalem." A bit of background history. Temple Mount is where the Bible says Abraham was prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac. Temple Mount is the place where stood the First and Second Jewish Temples. Still, in a magnanimous gesture,...(Read Full Post)