A Few ObamaCare Questions for the President

Hey Mr. President -- if ObamaCare (ironically named the "Affordable" Care Act) is such a wonderful thing for the American people, why aren't they treating it like the perquisite you claim it to be?

I ask this because you've been out there claiming that Republicans are willing to "harm" the American people by defunding ObamaCare and are trying to do so only to "stick it" to you. (Why do you always think everything is about you?) Also, your ally, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, is saying that once Americans really start experiencing it (the "Affordable" Care Act), they just won't want to let it go.

But the American people are starting to experience ObamaCare and they surely just want to regain the freedom to "let it go." Due to this law's costly burdens, thousands are being laid off, having their work weeks reduced to less than 30 hours or are being thrown out of their current health plans. And for the privilege of all of this, Americans will be stuck paying much more than before this monstrosity was enacted.

And how do the politically-connected Americans you surround yourself with feel about ObamaCare? Surely if your health care law is so beneficial, those with the most political capital must be running to the front of the line to cut in front of everyone else and climb on board?

To the contrary, your friends in high places are asking for (more like demanding) protection from ObamaCare. You've exempted Congress and most of its staff from this law. You've given thousands of waivers to a select few. Even some of your biggest supporters, the labor unions, now realize how harmful this law is to its members and are demanding special treatment -- I'm sure they'll get it even though they haven't as of yet.

So let me see if I've got all this straight: you say that the Republicans in Congress are trying to "harm" the American people by attempting to legally exempt everyone from this law that they didn't want in the first place. So does this mean that you are intentionally "harming" or attempting to "harm" Congress, unions and all of your favorite crony donors by illegally giving them exemptions from ObamaCare? I didn't think so.

So, Mr. President, If ObamaCare is the panacea that you and your administration claim it to be, I have one more question. If you had a son, would his health plan look like ObamaCare?

Scott blogs at http://www.politiseeds.com/