For The Mall Butchers in Kenya

How is one to understand Islam in light of this weekend's Nairobi Mall butchery? Since 9/11 and the aggressive resurgence of Fundamentalist Islam, the tens of thousands of attacks by Jihadis have served only to blacken whatever was left salvageable in the Muslim world. Who can doubt that the face of Islam is irrevocably shattered and that it is duly perceived by a growing mass of humanity as a twisted totalitarian march to subdue the earth?

To the discerning eye, has not Fundamentalist Islam revealed itself to be wholly antithetical to the free aspirations of the human condition? In holding a dagger to the throat of the world, it haughtily demands the attention and respect that the West refuses to proffer. And it is rejected by good and noble men because it stands pitiless and vainglorious -- a rabid beast drenched in the blood of babes and innocents.

Forgive us as infidels if we cannot bring ourselves to stomach the hideous nightmares that the Children of Mohammad perpetrate daily upon the world. You are taken aback when you learn that amputating the heads from Christians or by shooting children in the backs while fleeing for their lives causes us to categorically reject your righteousness. Know this: despite your claims of authority and the dogmatic self-certainty that drives your fecal ecstasies, we stand together en masse and vehemently deny that your unholy revelation comes forth from the Mind of God.

Having cauterized your moral and spiritual consciences so that your hearts are as flint, you are offended that we do not fall over ourselves and proclaim your Dark Recitation to be superior to the Gospel of the Nazarene. Having blinded yourselves with those beastlike hatreds that quicken your thirst for human blood, you are perplexed as to why the diverse peoples of the earth condemn you for blaspheming the Beautiful Name of God. Claiming such a prerogative, you condone and pursue feats of barbarism that can only be spiritually attributed to the accursed Prince of this World: that great Adversary of all beings that sojourn towards the light.

Having embraced ugliness and horror with maniacal rigor, you are acolytes of the wanton and embittered soul: warped and tainted seemingly beyond redemption. You have inverted the moral universe -- and in doing so you have proven to us that it is indeed Darkness that you serve.

A day is coming when every black deed committed in the name of Allah will be judged by the One in Whom No Shadow Resides. The blood that screams out from the earth that is forever shed in the name of your schizophrenic prophet will then choke you a thousandfold -- for by virtue of your diseased hearts you have mocked the Heavens and caused men to curse the Creator of All Things Beautiful and True. Indeed, not one solitary tear of agony that was shed today will be lost as it flows into the tributaries leading towards your inescapable fates -- roaring irresistibly like a river into the Great Sea of Memory.

Glenn Fairman writes from Highland, Ca. and can be contacted at

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