Washington Post blames Israeli 'intransigence' for...everything

In its June 29 edition, the Washington Post has run an article by correspondent Karen DeYoung about Secretary of State John Kerry's strenuous shuttle diplomacy to get Israel and the Palestinians to resume negotiations. In enumerating challenges and obstacles in Kerry's path, DeYoung reports that  "international weariness of what is seen as Israel's intransigence has grown, manifested in a divestment movement and dwindling sympathy in Europe." Really?  So, according to DeYoung, it's Israeli "intransigence" that's holding up a peace deal.  But her evidence is hardly convincing.  The anti-Israel  boycott drive has been a big flop.  Israeli trade is up with regional and global countries, including Turkey.  As for "dwindling sympathy" for Israel in Europe, that's hardly a new factor.  If Israel had to depend on European "sympathy" for its existence and security, it would have folded a long time ago. Far more telling is the fact that, far from...(Read Full Post)