MUST-SEE VIDEO: Why Muslim nations don’t want ‘Palestinians’

One of the things the left is desperately downplaying as it demands that Israel allow Hamas and its supporters to go unpunished and, ideally, cede to the Arabs the entire land of Israel is the fact that the surrounding Arab nations are refusing to take Gazans in as refugees. The reason is that nobody wants these “Palestinian” Arabs who have proven to be as destructive to Arab nations as they are to Israel.

When Barack Obama’s policies triggered the disastrous Arab Spring, with massive upheaval in the Muslim lands of Africa and the Middle East, Europe opened its doors to refugees from those wars. Europe did this even though its cultural connection to these refugees was minimal to nonexistent. It was, the Europeans felt, the right thing to do. (It’s also proved to have been a remarkably stupid thing to do, as Enoch Powell predicted, but that’s another story.)

Here in America, we’re told that our border is meaningless because we have a moral obligation to welcome in refugees from around the world—and not even refugees from war. Just refugees from places these migrants don’t like very much.

Image: The scourge of the PLO. Rumble screen grab.

We are required to accept their poverty and pathology, their sex trafficking and gangs. That these people have no cultural connection to America and do not share the core values that are the only thing binding one American to another is irrelevant. We must do this, we’re told, because it’s the right thing to do. (And as happened to Europe, we will soon learn that it was a remarkably stupid thing to do, but that’s also another story.)

Intriguingly, no one in the Muslim world seems to be burdened with this moral sense that the right thing for them to do is take in their co-religionists from Gaza. After all, Hamas is telling the world that thousands of Gazans have already died and that tens of thousands more will die. Yet no one wants them.

Of course, Hamas doesn’t want them to leave, a policy it's enforcing with ever-increasing, murderous brutality:

We can understand why Hamas doesn’t want civilians to leave: Its greatest weapon in any war is propaganda, and there is no propaganda more effective than dead bodies purportedly killed at Israeli hands.

But again, why won’t the surrounding Arab nations—which have a lot of empty land—take in these downtrodden, huddled masses purportedly yearning to breathe free?

Well, it’s because they’re horrible. Think Rashida Tlaib multiplied by a couple of million. That’s the message in a powerful short video from The Liberty Daily, which looks to history to explain why Muslims hate those “Palestinian” Arabs:

By the way, if you’re wondering why I’ve started using scare quotes around “Palestinians,” here’s the reason: History shows that the name, which implies a tie to the land going back millennia, is a lie. These people have no historical ties to a place Rome conquered in 70 A.D. and then named in honor of the Jews’ ancient—and vanished—enemy, the Philistines. That colonial name lingered for another 1,800-plus years.

Significantly, almost all the current Arab residents have roots that go back, at most, a couple of hundred years. They styled themselves as “Palestinians” only in the 1960s while working with the Soviets during the Cold War. To the extent the implications of the name are dishonest…scare quotes. As the left repeatedly shows, words and names matter, so let’s get the names right. Confucius would approve.

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