MUST-SEE VIDEO: A survival tale from Israel shows why guns matter

This is a follow-up to Olivia Murray’s post yesterday about the Biden administration warning Israel not to arm her citizens despite those citizens facing existential threats. However, the story of one family on a kibbutz in Israel armed only with a single Glock tells how important gun rights are for a safe and free citizenry.

People are always surprised to learn that Israel, a country in which every person must serve in the military and is, therefore, trained in gun handling and safety, has strict gun-control laws. Israel loosens these laws just a little bit after every intifada, but they’re still stronger than most would expect. An excellent Algemeiner article from February 2023 explains that Israel has no Second Amendment, requires that people prove a “need to own a weapon,” and has exceptionally stringent “rules of engagement” for those who do finally own a gun.

As Olivia wrote, though, Israel has realized that leaving her citizens disarmed in a war zone is a greater threat than having armed citizens.

What is undoubtedly helping drive this policy is the amazing story of Miki, who saved his wife and daughter with a single Glock, which he owned only because he was a member of a special police force. (And it seems possible that, to the extent he had more than two magazines, that was only because he had a little secret stash.)

Miki and his wife were ready to commit suicide, along with their child, Masada-style, rather than be taken hostage. But it never came to that. With steady nerves and superb gun skills, Miki held more than ten terrorists at bay.

The story is not only a useful reminder about the benefits of an armed citizenry, but it also tells us something about predators and bullies. Predators want easy prey, and bullies are cowards. If their victims fight back, they’ll often retreat. That’s because they’re not driven by courage or moral virtue. The basest instincts drive them, and these prove to be remarkably shallow wells of bravery.

Image: The gun that saved a family. X screen grab.

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