Update from Illinois’s ‘EV coordinator’ reveals new dirty details of ‘green’ scam

We all know the “green” agenda is a scam, thanks to a number of dead giveaways: the “rules for thee, but not for me” hypocrisy from the political aristocracy; the “more taxes = better weather” schtick (whatever “better” weather actually is); the willingness of its activists to ignore ecological annihilation for the agenda; and the constantly changing narrative about what this dystopian future actually looks like—is it supposed to be too hot or too cold, because I can’t keep up with the flip-flopping.

But just this morning a longtime friend of American Thinker, Peter von Buol shared a story that shed additional light on the movement, and provided new dirty details; from an article published by The Center Square yesterday:

With a new electric vehicle rebate program set to open Wednesday in Illinois, some have questioned the taxpayer cost of the growing industry.

During last week’s Senate Executive Appointments Committee, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Electric Vehicle Coordinator Megha Lakhchaura said $12 million in taxpayer funding will be available in rebates beginning Nov. 1. For the first round that ended costing taxpayers $20 million, she assured the focus was first on low income applicants.

‘Last year, we had up to 4,800 rebates that we handed out, 530 were low income applicants,’ Lakhchaura said. ‘And we didn’t give out a single rebate until we gave out the low income applicants.’

“Low income applicants”? How are “low income” people affording to purchase E.V.s? Especially in this economic climate with a dollar that’s “worth” only a fraction of the gold by which it was supposed to be backed (at this moment, the percentage increase for one troy ounce of gold in 1913 to once troy ounce of gold now is roughly 9,900% which means conversely, the dollar has drastically decreased), used E.V.s are still largely in the $20,000 range and above.

Let me guess—are they able to afford these cars because people like me, and Peter, are paying for their grocery bills, subsidizing their housing, funding their “healthcare” and “education” costs, and paying their phone and internet bills? (Among other things I’m sure.)

But then, get this:

Analysis done by The Center Square of the state’s first round of rebates found of nearly 4,900 vehicles, nearly 300 were luxury models costing up to $125,000.

Am I understanding correctly that those “low income” applicants (weren’t they the people included in the “first round”?) are occasionally purchasing luxury E.V.s that cost more than $125k?!

Someone might argue that because I live in Alabama, what Illinois spends money on doesn’t affect me and these programs aren’t costing me any money… but I call B.S. Illinois is notoriously bankrupt, and the federal government, meaning all the taxpayers outside of Illinois, like me, have been footing the bill. See this little gem:

Before being approved, Lakhchaura told Senators the state is actively working to get $148 million of federal taxpayer funds to build charging stations across the state.

Told ya.

Along with the obvious reality that the whole “green” scheme is exactly that, a scheme, we also know that the Democrats routinely operate on a vote-buying model, although I’ve never seen it being used with the E.V. movement until now. (Now, of course “low income” could be a lie and it’s really just wealthy E.V. consumers, but for the sake of the argument, let’s say “low income” actually means low income.) Democrats outfitting “low income” people with luxury cars? Of course the people will keep voting Democrat.

But, the real kicker came at the end; read below:

Gov. J.B. Pritkzer has made a goal of having 1 million EVs on Illinois roads by 2030. Lakhchaura said that goal is attainable, but told state Sen. Steve McClure, R-Springfield, there’s still a question of how to dispose of depleted batteries.

‘But at the moment, there’s really no solution for what we do with these batteries,’ McClure said.

‘It’s a problem that the world is facing in how to grapple with it and it’s going to grow in enormities,’ Lakhchaura said.

Giving the toxicity of the elements used in lithium batteries, a landfill or a burn pit are not proper methods of disposal, 

So these E.V. proponents know these batteries are an environmental hazard and the problem is fixing to grow “enormously” thanks to the agenda, yet they forge ahead anyways? Even if that means the outcome might be a toxic wasteland for all?

How can you not despise these people?

Hat tip: Peter von Buol.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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