Have the Chinese already started their war with us?

With Joe Biden in the saddle and his wokester Pentagon focused on pronouns, a series of Chinese “tourists” have been caught trying to penetrate U.S. military bases, all supposedly by accident. What they want is anyone’s guess, but let’s just say that this many coincidences suggest it wasn’t benign.

According to Military.com, citing the Wall Street Journal:

Chinese nationals, who sometimes posed as tourists, accessed U.S. military bases and other sensitive sites around 100 times in recent years, according to an exclusive report by The Wall Street Journal.

The newspaper cited U.S. officials, who described the incidents as potential forms of espionage.

Last year, the U.S. Department of Defense, FBI, and other agencies held a review to try to curb the frequency of these breaches, which involved unauthorized entries into US military bases and other federal sites, the newspaper reported.

Most of the incidents took place in rural areas, away from tourist hotspots and commercial airports, according to the Journal.

They’ve turned up as lost scuba-diving and swimming tourists, who somehow made their way into U.S. surveillance stations off Key West and Cape Canaveral. They’ve turned up as lost tourists claiming that they were just looking for a McDonald’s, which happened to be on a U.S. military base in the middle of nowhere. Their responses, when caught, appeared scripted.

They may have been testing U.S. security responses. They may have been interested in taking pictures. Whatever it was, it wasn’t in the U.S. interest.

This follows from their brazen “weather balloon” incident last February, which they claimed was an “accident,” too. They have a lot of “accidents” (see, e.g., Joe Biden’s enfeebled response to that wandering device hovering over U.S. military bases in the U.S. interior, going from base to base, seems to have emboldened them).  

It also follows from two fairly recent incidents during President Trump’s post-presidency, where Chinese ‘tourists’ gained access to Mar-a-Lago and began snapping pictures, once again, claiming to be “lost” tourists, with one using deception to get past the Secret Service and the other resisting arrest. Both ended up in jail for it.

Obviously, this is a pattern. In the past, I’ve read about this Chinese pattern of surveillance using lost tourists and fishing boats, which is a “grain of sand” style of intelligence-gathering. Each individual incident is hard to prove as bona fide spying because the targets were seemingly so low value. But taken together, they can form a pretty comprehensive picture of the lay of the land in the states.

In the Wall Street Journal’s original report, officials said that this sort of behavior has stepped up. Obviously, that’s because it’s been so successful in this day and age of Joe Biden, where the greatest national security threat in its addled list of priorities is white supremacists and global warming.

There’s a pretty good way to stop at least some of this—by cutting off the tourist visas. That would get their attention, but it’s unlikely Joe Biden will have the gumption to do that. He’s already shown significant signs that they’ve compromised him through Hunter Biden’s business dealings, and all those classified documents left unlocked in one of his Delaware mansion garages.

Now the Chinese are running circles around him, starting what looks increasingly like a war with little lost tourists in addition to seagoing aggression in the Pacific and actual spies on U.S. military bases, such as have been recently found in San Diego.

Meanwhile, the FBI itself has a pretty bad record of guarding its own secrets against Chinese spies.

It comes at a bad time, too, when China is topping the U.S. in computer and engineering majors from colleges, is starting to surpass the U.S. in technology, and is gathering a host of new allies around the world.

Has the attack on us already started? It looks like it’s further along than anyone thinks.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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