‘Rodent guide’ positions available in vermin-infested New York

In a strange turn of events, Democrat politicians actually created some real jobs… Well, let me backup. First, they manufactured a whopping mess, their modus operandi really, then they generated a taxpayer-subsidized job with a six-figure salary to handle the mess, and after that government worker failed to do what she was hired to do, then, then came the real jobs.

From an article out at The Guardian yesterday:

As visitors to New York demand rat action, some of the city’s tour guides have started to add stops at notoriously infested sites, the New York Post reported this week.

It means that rat tourism is fast becoming a boom industry. Kenny Bollwerk, who built a TikTok following by posting videos from around New York, stumbled upon being a rodent guide when he spent ‘an hour or two’ live-streaming rats running around outside a building site in Sunnyside, Queens.

‘People are walking by, there’s rats running across people’s feet, there’s piles of trash on the sidewalk.’

The response from his viewers was huge. Bollwerk, 36, said more than 10,000 people tuned in live to watch the rats.

Democrats don’t often get to claim credit for being titans of industry, but when it comes to “rat tourism” they certainly do! If you’ve been paying attention, you’re aware of the fact that New York City has been suffocating under the weight of a massive and thriving rat population; per the article above, “sightings doubled” in 2022. This past November, Mayor Eric Adams’s office announced a brand new city position—municipal administrators were looking for a “somewhat bloodthirsty” rat czar ready to get down to business and engage in “wholesale slaughter” against the rodents. In April the city hired someone, but apparently, evidenced by the “boom industry” of vermin voyeurism, the Democrat government has been unable to seriously quell the infestation.

Who would have guessed that a government inviting hordes of foreign-born migrants to flow to your city with promises of universal welfare would create a housing crisis, forcing these people to hunker down on the streets in squalor?

Could anyone have foreseen that these same migrants, with third-world mentalities, would litter their trash with no regard for civic cleanliness or duty?

Who in the world could have possibly known that promoting delinquent lifestyles and vagrancy would create a crisis of filthy streets, the very conditions best suited for rodent populations to proliferate?

Did anyone suspect that Democrat Bill de Blasio’s “vaccine mandate” would create a scenario in which “outraged” sanitation workers who wanted to make their own health decisions would let trash pile up in protest?

Last August, Politico ran a piece that highlighted “troubling” news: New York’s “zero waste initiative” was actually achieving the opposite of what it set out to do… imagine that, a government program making things worse? Inconceivable! From the article:

New York’s zero waste initiative found troubling results: New Yorkers were generating more trash, less recycling and dirtier streets, POLITICO reported in April. At the time, the mayor said the city would ‘fight’ to reach its goal of effectively zero residential waste by 2030[.]

Now, since I’ve already seen this movie before, I already know how this story plays out; from another Politico article, just three months ago:

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has a message for the rats overrunning the City of Light: Why can’t we be friends?

After years spent battling vermin, this week Hidalgo’s administration announced it intends to take a different approach and attempt to achieve a more peaceful state of coexistence with the rodents.

Good luck Manhattan; didn’t anyone ever tell you not to defecate where you dine?

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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