The aroma of wokesterism surrounds the arrests of two alleged agents for China

The San Diego Navy community had to have been shocked to learn that one of its own, a sailor named Jinchao "Patrick" Wei was arrested for espionage for China in late July, in a classic case complete with a handler, plans and manuals delivered, troop numbers reported, and thousands of dollars changing hands. Another case up north in Ventura County, involving bribery charges against a Navy sailor based on his deliveries to a Chinese official, was also announced, likely with a similar reaction. We still don't know if the Chinese handler was the same or if the cases are related.

According to the New York Times:

Two Navy sailors in Southern California were arrested and accused of providing military secrets and sensitive information to Chinese intelligence officers, according to a pair of federal indictments unsealed on Thursday.

Jinchao Wei, known as Patrick Wei, 22, was charged with spying for China under the Espionage Act. Mr. Wei serves aboard the Essex, an amphibious assault ship moored at Naval Base San Diego, which is the home of the Pacific Fleet. As a machinist’s mate, investigators said, he had clearance that gave him access to sensitive national security information.

The second sailor, Petty Officer Wenheng Zhao, 26, also known as Thomas, was charged with taking bribes in exchange for providing sensitive U.S. military information to a Chinese intelligence officer posing as an economic researcher. Mr. Zhao worked at the Naval Base Ventura County in Port Hueneme, which is home to several aircraft squadrons and the service’s naval construction battalions in the Pacific.

One could focus on the aggressiveness of the China's efforts to recruit spies, and the communist behemoth's view that Chinese-Americans are the perfect targets for the task, which is what the Times largely does.

But the other thing one could focus on is the ease with which the Chinese were able to snag these spies and bribeables.

Why was it so easy for them? 

Maybe it's the wokester nods all through the case that made it easy for the Chicoms to score the agents it was after. 

If that's the case, it would underline that the wokesterism so rampant in the military is the actual risk to national security that its opponents say it is.

Here are some examples that I observed, just from reading a couple of the reports:

That the Chinese handler of one of the alleged spies "congratulated" Wei for obtaining U.S. citizenship.

According to the New York Times:

Mr. Wei was evidently seeking U.S. citizenship while working clandestinely with China, according to the indictment, with his handler congratulating Mr. Wei when he received it.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune:

That same month, the spy allegedly paid Wei for the information he had provided to that point and congratulated him on becoming a U.S. citizen, according to the indictment.

That's a scandal right there -- that foreign nationals who retain loyalty to their home countries are now being handed U.S. citizenship with little vetting, no effective background checks, and what's worse, they feel no pangs of conscience about their alleged treason. I don't know what the tone of that congratulating conversation was between the alleged sellout and the Chinese handler, but it's pretty creepy no matter what the scenario was -- either it was an ironic congratulations as something that would further their espionage project, or the sense of patriotism was so dulled in both alleged agent and handler that they saw nothing amiss in congratulations for obtaining U.S. citizenships, which these days is all about benefits, not loyality to the U.S.

Patriotism isn't taught these days among the young wokesters, all they ever hear is that America is a flawed country, so why would it matter if selling out is a problem? Things like the flag, the citizenship oath, and all other things that should be utterly critical to Navy service didn't seem present in the accused spy and that may have indicated some cultural rot within the Navy.

That's one wokester whiff right there, as wokesters hold no patriotic feelings for what they see is a fundamentally flawed country.

Here's another scent of wokesterism in this case -- get a load of what the top FBI official in San Diego had to say in the wake of the busts, according to the New York Times:

In the news conference, Stacey Moy, the top F.B.I. agent in San Diego, told reporters that he wanted to emphasize that “this is not and will never be an indictment of the Chinese people or ethnically Chinese Americans.”

He was more concerned that Chinese-Americans would take the bust of this individual personally than he was about the theft of U.S. Navy secrets? The question he should be asking is why they would identify with someone who sold secrets to red China, the country they supposedly fled in terror from? And where their condemnations of this man's alleged acts are. This howls of wokester priorities. The wokesters aren't going to believe Moy anyway, being that they live by bean-counting.

Then there is the media:

Take a gander at this headline from USNI (U.S. Naval Institute News):

Two California Sailors Arrested on Espionage Charges

California men? That rather sounds like the famous "Minnesota Men." Wei wasn't even from California, he came to San Diego from Wisconsin. But here he is, a California Man through and through now, gotta watch out for those California Men.

The point this apparently cub reporter is trying to divert attention from is that both of the accused are Chinese-Americans and not every last Chinese migrant getting let into the country shares our values. Some of them share the Chinese Communist Party's values. How many do we don't know, but that's something that ought to be found out -- before the citizenship certificates are issued. Some are willing to take all the opportunity they have gotten as individuals here in America, which is the holy grail of the world's migrants, as well as all the trust involved in a U.S. Navy position with a classified clearance, and use it not only to better themselves but to better our enemies. The ties are not cut, and given the failure of the U.S. to vet, that's becoming a problem, given the ease with which the Chinese are recruiting them and the numbers the FBI in all its bumbliness, are picking up.  

Here's a related headline from the San Diego Union-Tribune:

San Diego Navy sailor accused of spying for China in rare espionage case 

Rare? How would they know such cases are rare? They don't. While these cases are hard to find and bust, particularly with an FBI busily preoccupied with finding "extremists" inside the U.S. military, and among people who pray at abortion mills, and Latin masses, that doesn't mean these cases are rare. Why are they so eager to say 'rare' in their limited headline space when they know the Chinese have stepped up their espionage activity? I very much doubt these acts are "rare." The only reason they might have said 'rare' is that they wanted to promote the myth that Chinese-Americans wouldn't dream of caving in to Chinese government requests for intelligence or other strategic information and only dreadful right-wing conspiracy theorists would think so. Unfortunately, a lot of them would, a lot of them are blackmailable because they have families or have engaged in corruption, and let's not forget that several Chinese "police stations" are here on U.S. soil and as far as is known, have not been shut down. Meanwhile, mass migration has let a lot of potential spies through, particularly with Joe Biden's open borders.

It seems that wokesterism is all over these cases. Whether it's a loyalty-challenged spy, a DEI-obsessed FBI official, or the media trying to pretend that that Chinese-American sellouts couldn't possibly be among us, it's not good for a country that needs to keep secrets from an increasingly ambitious competitor. The Chinese are clearly exploiting the wokesterism in our system for their own benefits, and our country is clearly losing out. We will see more and more cases like this, as American values are denigrated by wokesters and U.S. citizenship becomes not worth the paper it's printed on.

Image: Combined Military Service Digital Photographic Files, via U.S. National Arrchives, via Picryl // No known copyright restrictions

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