Whether it's illegals or balloons, Joe Biden fails to protect the US

Joe Biden has been hit by crisis after crisis as a result of his own bad decisions, and oddly enough, they are starting to look alike.

Take the latest China balloon incursion, where some kind of spying device has been sent over military installations throughout the U.S. interior, with Biden doing nothing about it.

That's a sovereignty violation that ought to be drawing a major response to an arrogant, expanding wannabe superpower desperate to flex its military muscles, yet Joe's response, that shooting the invading device down might create debris or hit a populated area (America is loaded with unpopulated ones the balloon is traversing) is simply pathetic. 

Is it all that different from his open borders policies, where millions of unvetted foreign migrants are flooding into this country without authorization, bringing crime, drugs, and costs, yet there too nothing is done about it? Joe offers an absurd excuse for that decision, as well claiming that all migrants who can utter the magic word 'asylum' are entitled to a free ride inside the U.S. for years or more, amounting to an all-expenses paid trip for thousands.

What we see here is a failure to protect, the prime duty of any leader of a nation, and an indifference to duty. Years ago, over at the United Nations, Samantha Powers and her ilk, writing about Rwanda, even came up with the concept of "duty to protect" on humanitarian grounds, claiming that all nations have an obligation to prevent genocide. Duty and protection has an odd parallel to the archetypical concept of manhood, as it's a manly virtue to protect one's own and immediate community, a masculine virtue that, to look at his fatherhood output, Joe's never had. 

Now that the nation is being invaded from its south and now from above, Joe's excusemaking for doing nothing rather resembles that of a slovenly absentee father who lets his kids grow up with no guidance, like stones in the field, with the predictable outcome of Hunter Biden.

Duty to protect? Sure, Biden protects Hunter now from the inevitable results of how he was raised the way some divorced fathers shower gifts on their kids to assuage their guilt complexes at being absent from their lives. Tucker Carlson had an even better comparison, though in this piece described by Thomas Lifson -- Biden protects Hunter from the inevitable consequences of his dissolute actions the same way Saddam Hussein protected Uday and Qusay from any repercussions from their out-of-control behavior. The time to protect was when the kids were growing up, not after they became runaway trains without brakes.

 And in some parallel way, we see the same Joe Biden failing to protect the U.S. when it's important to protect the U.S. He's allowing Mexico to flood the U.S. border with literally millions of illegals from more than a hundred nations and he's allowing China to flood the U.S. with spy balloons which can linger and view U.S. installations, gathering intelligence, for far longer than satellites on fixed orbits. He might try to protect the U.S. in a military attack or some kind of other attack as a public relations measure, but not when the groundwork is being set.

His entire orientation is about protecting himself politically through public relations moves, not about protecting the country for real, which is his job as president.

On the border, we have seen the suppression of news about the incoming disaster. It only got out of control for Biden when mayors from blue sanctuary cities where migrants were being bused in from Texas and Florida, started complaining about incoming numbers and the associated costs. Border visits from Bidenites were non-existent, the border crisis was fobbed off to an incompetent vice president, Kamala Harris, who had little interest in the job, and vigorous efforts were made to shut down Fox News coverage. Now they are attempting to lower the illegal crossing numbers by encouraging migrants to enter through an online asylum program, which ensures that their entry will not be counted as an illegal crossing. They are even recruiting illegals waiting in Mexico to get those numbers down.

Suffice to say, this is all about public relations.

We see the same public relations orientation in Biden's foolish response to the Chinese spy balloon incursion. Anybody notice who's being trotted out to give Jen Psaki-level absurd answers to press queries? It's not the suited John Kirby anymore, it's generals with all their medals on display, their scrambled eggs and the full regalia, which it's dubious they wear on the job every day, sending out a message that they are big and distinguished people, authorities, to make up for the fact that they don't speak with much authority. They are redolent of Gen. Mark Milley, who liked to wear his many medals on his overweight frame, similar to a Venezuelan general, yet was the height of incompetence in that Afghanistan pullout as well (another unmanly failure to protect) as in his bizarre phone conversations with a Chinese military leader assuring that he'd made sure they'd have nothing to worry about from his commander-in-chief. 

Whose side was he on?

We see the same Milleyism with the balloon. Duty to protect? Only to themselves. These aren't men, they are what Marine sergeants call 'maggots.' And this is a sorry pattern we are seeing over and over with the Biden regime, a studied failure to protect the U.S. from any kind of danger, with only P.R. to throw like biscuits at the groundings.

Whatever it is, it's not a sustainable model in a free society, which requires a strong and protective leader. Now, there may be reasons for Joe's failure to shoot the balloon down, noted here, but the response is important, too, and Joe's not doing it. I did a radio interview yesterday with the great Shaun Thompson of Salem Radio AM 560, and he wondered if this Chinese balloon incident might just be a tipping point with Joe and the public. I think he's onto something. You don't fail at that elemental a level, on a right-stuff sort of an issue, like protecting the country as its commander in chief, without consequences. That's a character issue.

What happens to leaders who fail in their elemental duties to protect on the most basic level and the spin is no longer working? It's not a pretty picture.

Image: Screen shot from BigDaddy4212 video, via YouTube   


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