Is the Deep State pushing the UFO/alien narrative on conservatives?

I recently pointed out on American Thinker that Matt Walsh, after his huge Twitter triumph last weekend, immediately published two controversial posts claiming aliens are real on his Facebook page. Walsh’s readers are reacting: as of this writing, the first post has 1.3K comments and the second 4.9K.

Knowing that Sundance at Conservative Treehouse has long spoken of Twitter as a tool of the deep state, I visited that site to see it if was covering the alien UFO issue. Sure enough, it was, but in a form I did not expect: a feature on Tucker Carlson’s new show on Twitter, which debuted the same day Walsh posted his views on UFOs on Facebook. (The alien connection wasn’t mentioned by Sundance but noticed by his readers in the comments.) In his monologue about the latest news in Ukraine, Carlson mentioned  (starting at 6:50) the same UFO story that prompted Matt Walsh’s post:

“In journalism, curiosity is the greatest crime. Yesterday, for example, a former Air Force officer who worked for military intelligence came forward as a whistle blower to reveal that the US government has physical evidence of crashed non-human made aircraft and the bodies of the pilots who flew those aircrafts. The Pentagon has spent decades studying these other-worldly remains to build more technologically advanced weapons systems. OK … that’s what the former military office revealed, and it was clear that he was telling the truth. In other words, UFOs are actually real and apparently so is extraterrestrial life. Now we know.”

Carlson went on to say the major news outlets like the New York Times or Washington Post aren’t reporting this development, proof of how corrupt the media is. That only truth-tellers like him are willing to tell us things like this, is the implication … truth the powers-that-be don’t want us to know.

Carlson did not present evidence to support his claim that UFOs are real other than the say-so of this “intelligence officer turned whistle-blower” and the assurance that this intelligence officer has turned over “extensive classified information about deeply covert programs” (in the words of the article in the “Debrief” Carlson referenced). “Other intelligence officers … provided similar, corroborating information,” the article said.

Also on Tuesday, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. used his Twitter account to tout the same Debrief article on UFOs touted by Walsh and Carlson (H/T Jeff Childers).  Kennedy is as of late another narrative-busting hero truth-teller for some conservatives. See, for example, his March speech on the pandemic at a Hillsdale College conference on Big Pharma: Kennedy likens his conservative audience to the 33% of participants who refused to obey orders in the infamous Milgram experiment (starting at 56:40).

Kennedy introduced his link to the UFO story as “another conspiracy theory that turned out to be true.” He defended the whistle-blower as a “highly decorated intelligence agency official” and (like Walsh) chided his followers who have any doubts: “’Conspiracy theory’ is a lazy response that refuses to look at the information on its own merits. Read the article I linked to.”

 In his speech at Hillsdale (at 53:30), Kennedy says his family has been in “a 60-year fistfight with the CIA.” So, where does his new-found respect for the testimony of intelligence agency officials come from? In any case, like Carlson, Kennedy likened the attempt to suppress the UFO story to all the other so-called conspiracy theories that we (conservatives at least) now know to be true.

By the way, in Tuesday’s edition of “Coffee and Covid,” Jeff Childers mentions a number of sound reasons to be skeptical about the UFO whistleblower story, and I encourage everyone to read and consider his thoughts.

Now maybe all this talk about aliens and UFOs is true, and Matt Walsh, Tucker Carlson, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. are performing an important public service. Or maybe the three are revealing the hard truth about aliens on the same day is all just a weird coincidence. But perhaps there is a more disturbing explanation.

There is one constituency in the US that has not believed the accepted narratives of the last three years about COVID, the 2020 election, J6, the Ukraine war, and many other controversies. This is a problem that the powers-that-be will need to address if they want to rule without dissent.

This same constituency also happens to believe that when people like Carlson and Walsh (and now Kennedy) say something, it’s likely to be true, and likely to be something the powers-that-be are trying to conceal from them. If those powers are going to get this large, skeptical constituency to believe the next narrative—perhaps about UFOs—it will have to be through media influencers like Carlson, Walsh, and Kennedy.

So, when Elon Musk tweets that “it would be great to have shows from all parts of the political spectrum on this platform,” is it because he wants all viewpoints to be heard or so that everyone can be propagandized in one convenient and easily controlled location? That is the question.

For the record, Musk himself has come out publicly against the existence of aliens and UFOs (in an interview with Tucker Carlson).

My final example of conservatives hard-selling the UFO story this last week is from Gateway Pundit, a website that has fought long and hard (to the point of being sued) to present a counter-narrative to what the public has been told about the 2020 election and J6.

On Sunday, June 4, before the Debrief article on UFOs was even published, Gateway Pundit ran an article by guest contributor Shawn Bradley Witzemann titled, “As the Official Search for ET Accelerates, Scientists say Disclosure is Happening Now.” He wrote that former CIA Officer John Ramirez “believes we are in an era of soft disclosure [of the truth about aliens] ahead of what he describes as a plan for ‘controlled dissemination’ that will intensify significantly in 2027.”

On Thursday, June 8, Gateway Pundit ran another article written by the same author, and the title tells you about all you need to know: “’UFO Crashes’ in Las Vegas: Police Bodycam Captures Mysterious Event as Residents Report Encounter with ‘Non-Human Beings’ (VIDEO).” This article contained a link to an interview with the intelligence officer featured in the article in Debrief and one of the commenters left a helpful link to the testimony of a man claiming to be a former US intelligence operative who worked as a “Man in Black” (and whose colleagues included aliens).

Who is Shawn Bradley Witzemann, the author of these articles? A J6er, which for conservatives makes him a sympathetic figure indeed. (See also here.)

(Update: Witzemann has just retweeted approvingly a Twitter thread suggesting the Las Vegas citing was a hoax.)

I do not mean to call into question the integrity of any of the individuals mentioned above. In fact, I believe we owe each of them a debt of gratitude and, if there is anything to what I’m suggesting, they are almost certainly acting unwittingly. But somehow the old proverb (spoken by Goldfinger to James Bond) comes to mind: “Mr. Bond, they have an old saying in Chicago: ‘Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action.”

Or at least something to ponder … and a wakeup call for us conservatives to be more cautious about swallowing up tales of the unknown than some of our heroes seem to be.


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