Are the Canadian fires an act of eco-terrorism?

With fires raging in Canada and blanketing America’s northeast in thick orange smoke, leftists are again beating the “climate change” drum. Saner minds point to Justin Trudeau’s refusal to practice good forest management. But what if it’s neither of those things? It turns out that there’s compelling evidence suggesting that eco-terrorists set the fires to corral weary Westerners back into a climate change panic—and it won’t be the first time that’s happened.

It was inevitable, once the fires started raging, that the leftists would raise the specter of climate change. Justin Trudeau insisted climate change was the culprit and again demanded a carbon tax to save the world. Bloomberg announced that “Canada’s Wildfires Expose the Climate Change ‘Spiral of Silence.’” The BBC asked rhetorically, “Is climate change fuelling Canada’s wildfires?” ABC announced as fact, “How Canada’s wildfires and air quality warnings are connected to climate change.”

Image: Fire in Canada. YouTube screen grab.

When you’ve got an unfalsifiable theory like climate change, which is all faith and no science, you’d expect leftists to tread the same path. But what if that’s not what’s happening at all? What if we’re witnessing arson on a massive, destructive scale to drive the narrative?

Elizabeth Nickson has examined the evidence suggesting eco-terrorist arson, and there’s a good case. Nickson opens by pointing to a satellite video circulating on Twitter showing the fires beginning almost simultaneously, at just the right time for the winds to take the smoke south:

The reason for this arson? To instill fear:

We aren’t afraid enough, despite every nasty limiting idiotic play they have visited upon us in the last four years. Monkey Pox failed, more plague warnings were greeted by a shrug. But this one, the world bursting into flame? Be very very afraid.

Nickson, who is based in Canada knows what she’s speaking about. Arson, she writes, causes well over half of Canada’s wildfires, and the people arrested are often tied to environmental NGOs. If you’re a fan of RFK, Jr., you might think twice when you’re reminded that he’s a radical climate fanatic who helped foster this trend. Back in the day, the goal was to kill industry to save the trees:

I interviewed hundreds of local activists, the ones who, with the inspiration of RFK, Jr. had shut down the biggest industrial forest in the world in an action called “The War of the Woods.” They were mostly ordinary people, socialists and scientists of one stripe or another and deeply profoundly committed to saving the earth. The fact that they had eliminated the principal source of funding for health care and education -- forestry --  their own in fact, went right over their heads. It didn’t matter. "Climate Change" was an existential threat and those trees must stand to suck up “carbon,” or CO2, as it used to be known.

Now, though, the trees must be sacrificed to force change on a public that increasingly understands that the climate has always changed and that wealth redistribution and a return to a dark, dangerous pre-modern era won’t change things.

Ironically, the fanatics were behind the foolish push to end forest management: “Today, the 9th of June, 2023, a full thirty years too late, the Wall Street Journal editorial board finally acknowledges that sustainable forestry management may be the principal cause of the forests burning down.”

Of course, leftists are good at rolling with the punches. Now that forests are more flammable than before leftists got involved, Nickson writes that they’re using the threat of naturally occurring fires in unmanaged forests to prevent development, whether of homes or industry. But here’s the thing: Those fires don’t just occur on Nature’s timetable. They also explode at convenient times or against inconvenient people:

Fire serves to shut people up.


Five years ago, Fort McMurray, the home of the oil sands, a titanic achievement, the cleanest oil extraction infrastructure on the planet, burned to the ground in a fire called The Beast. There were reports of fires being set in an arc around the town. Investigations are on-going. During the last election in Alberta, fire patterns were shown to peak at election time, in order to scare people into believing that oil extraction, the engine of their economy, must be shut down.

I’ve only nibbled around the corners of Nickson’s informative, thought-provoking article about the eco-terrorists’ twisted relationship to forests and fires. I urge you to read the whole essay.

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