More Democrats caught insulting parents and their children

Are Democrats emerging as the party that hates children and their guardian parents?

Sure seems like it with this pair, who were caught insulting parents protecting their kids in southeastern Virginia.

According to Fox News:

Two Democratic lawmakers in Virginia were caught on hot mic last week mocking parental rights as "garbage," "crap," and "stupid," according to two recordings posted on social media by the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC).

On the recordings, which were taken at a Friday meet-and-greet at Christopher Newport University, state Sen. Monty Mason and state Del. Shelly Simonds can be heard ripping Republicans over S.B. 1515, a bill that required pornography websites to verify a user's age to be at least 18 before allowing access to its content.

They also slammed an amendment to the bill proposed by Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin that would have required children to get permission from parents to set up social media accounts and use websites that collect user data, such as online shopping sites. The bill passed the state legislature, but Youngkin's amendment was rejected.



They join hands with their fellow Democrats in school boards, local government, and teachers' unions around the country who've also been caught on hot mikes and in political bloopers ragging on parents and kids. There have been a lot of them.

Who could forget the charmers of the Oakley School Board of Contra Costa County who iin 2021 were caught on hot Zoom mocking parents who pleaded for COVID-locked-down public schools to reopen as nothing more than pot smokers "looking for babysitters'?

I wrote about that here, noting that Reason magazine picked out some of the money quotes:

"They want their babysitters back," Lisa Brizendine, a trustee of Oakley Union Elementary School District, told her colleagues during a pre-meeting session that they believed was not open to the public.

School board member Kim Beede mentioned a negative interaction with some frustrated parents? a frustrated parent, then described her own mindset: "Bitch, if you are going to call me out, I am going to fuck you up."

Or how about the school board lovelies out on Scottsdale, Arizona,  who kept detailed, trashcan-digging-style dossiers on parents with the same complaints about COVID-locked-down schools? I wrote about that here, with:

Get a load:

More than 600 parents in Scottsdale, Arizona, are demanding the resignation of the school board president after a shocking revelation. 

The president, or possibly his father, appears to have kept a dossier on 47 parents who dared to speak out against his policies at school board meetings — a dossier complete with Social Security numbers, background checks, a divorce paper, mortgage documents, trade certifications, and screenshots of Facebook posts.

Nor the hot-mike moment where San Francisco school board members (before the one making the nastiest charge was booted by voters in a recall) trashed parents calling for an end to the COVID-lockdown-imposed 'pass-fail' grading system at a competitive elite Lowell High School as "a bunch of racists":

 “This was not a good day for San Francisco,” said board member Rachel Norton after public comment. “What I’ve heard tonight from people who claim to support our system and claim to support our students is disgusting. I’m really overcome by the ugliness.”

Board member Alison Collins, at one point, was heard on a hot mike, speaking apparently to someone outside the meeting saying, “I’m listening to a bunch of racists.”

Let's also not forget the 2021 slandering, beating and arrest of a distraught father at the hands of school board security guards who wanted answers as to why his teenage daughter had been raped by another student in Loudoun County, Virginia.

The trans agenda targeting kids in general, and the attacks on parental knowledge of this agenda, and the agenda foisted on kids, which Democrats stand by in near-lockstep, is yet another kettle full of fish signaling the Democrats' hate-kids agenda.

It's not just one school board after another.

Let's also remember the wokester FBI directing its investigative resources against parents who spoke out in school board meetings as domestic terrorists.

And the sickola insistence by American Federation of Teachers honcho Randi Weingarten to secretly direct the Centers for Disease Control to extend the school lockdowns, forcing children and their angry parents to endure at least an extra unnecessary year of lockdowns because she wanted it? Thomas Lifson has a good piece highlighting a parental takedown of Weingarten from an unexpected source after Weingarten falsely claimed to Congress that she had wanted lockdowns to end all along. Nobody believes that.

And Joe Biden himself, who's been accused of showering with his unwilling daughter Ashley and whose handsiness around young children give voters the willies, has told teachers' groups that "children don't belong to their parents," following on from Terry McAuliffe's claim that  "I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” Had enough?

With the consistent pattern of hostility towards children and parents, along with the sneaky means attempted to conceal it, we sure have been seeing a lot of hot mike moments exposing it, making one wonder how much more of this talk goes on behind closed doors.

You'd think these Democrats would have fallen into some kind of introspection after the first few hot-mike incidents and the powerful voter recall in San Francisco along with the surprise election of Glenn Youngkin and Winsome Sears in Virginia. 

But what this Virginia incident shows is that they don't learn at all, they just keep on doing the things that embarass themselves when they get found out by the public -- and continue doing those things.

To no one's surprise at all, public school enrollment is plunging across the country.

It's ugly stuff given that Democrats have spent decades touting themelves as the party "for the chilllllllren," as Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi used to say. All that narrative-making, and it turns out that it was little more than a smokescreen for Democrats as the child-hating party.

They need to own this and their Republican rivals need to pin it on them, again and again and again.

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