James Woods mocks the unarmed ‘safety ambassadors’ that have replaced armed cops in West Hollywood

The City of West Hollywood, California is renowned for its trendy dining and entertainment scene, liberal politics, and a heavily gay population. Its city council also voted to replace four armed peace officers (Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies, contracted to provide police services to the city) with 85 unarmed “safety ambassadors”, as part of the “defund the police” frenzy that gripped progressives following the death in police custody of George Floyd.

Actor James Woods took note of a recent incident in which 2 such “ambassadors” stood around while violet criminals vandalized and robbed a car right in front of them:


 The claim is made that crime has gone down in West Hollywood, but the same claim is made in Manhattan under DA Bragg, where fewer people report crimes because they know the perps will be back on the street right away, and cops don’t make arrests for the same reason. I don’t know the situation in West Hollywood, but it has Soros-backed George Gascon as its DA, so the same reasoning could well apply. Whatever the case, these (and other) violent criminals in WeHo, as the city is called, are aware that the ambassadors are unarmed. As a local business owner told ABC 7:

"More eyes who are noticing what's happening, lots more calls but less arms and legs to respond to the calls," said Larry Block, a West Hollywood business owner who believes the city needs to return the funding it cut from the sheriff's department to get more deputies out in the streets.

"Armed people can do something, they're intimidating, the security ambassadors walk around aimlessly, not really knowing what to do," said Block.

How long will this madness continue? James Woods is a truth teller. If he had been listened to when he warned of strange behavior of some passengers on a NY to LA flight in 2001, the World Trade Center twin towers might still be standing.

Photo credit: Twitter video screengrab


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