Celebrity sleeper cell activated to foment chaos in Kansas City

In Kansas City, Missouri, where a teen was allegedly shot, a racial storm may be brewing. The victim happens to be black and the alleged shooter happens to be white.  

The AP reported that the teen, Ralph Yarl, an honor student and all-state band member, was supposed to pick up his two younger brothers.  When he approached the wrong house at roughly 10 p.m., the man who came to the door and allegedly shot Yarl in the forehead — then shot him again, in the right forearm.

The officers took the alleged shooter into custody and released him after consulting with the Clay County prosecutor's office. This is standard procedure while the investigation continues.

A day after the shooting and even before the investigation could have been completed, celebrities began posting on social media.

Former Bond Girl Halle Berry began, she claimed, to be ‘sick and tired of this feeling” and that her “heart completely broke.”  Berry named the prosecutor, his office address, his phone number, and email address.

Soon other celebrities followed. Kate Hudson posted a series of slides that is supposed to depict the shooting incident; the final slide has details about the prosecutor. By liberal standards the images could be seen as offensive because of the depiction of a black man.

Penelope Cruz posted the same set of slides.  The legendary Michelle Pfeffer joined in too posting details about the prosecutor.  Jennifer Aniston, Viola Davis, Justin Timberlake and myriad others joined in. 

The good news is Ralph Yarl was released from the hospital three days after being shot, his family says he faces an arduous road to recovery.

The 84-year-old alleged shooter turned himself in yesterday and was later released on bail, authorities said.  The alleged shooter faces two felony charges – assault in the first degree and armed criminal action -- and will be arraigned Wednesday afternoon, according to Yarl family attorney Lee Merritt.

According to court documents, the alleged shooter thought Ralph was trying to break into the home and was “scared to death” due to the boy’s size. Perhaps his failing eyesight or hearing due to advance aging caused this reaction.

The Clay County Prosecuting Attorney Zachary Thompson who was named by the various Hollywood celebrities has said, “There was a racial component to this case,” but did not elaborate.  It is hard to tell if the prosecutor really believes what he says or if he merely succumbed to pressure.

Fortunately, there have been no incidences of violence so far. But the situation is still volatile.

So, what does one make of the celebrity outrage?

Obviously, they were all supplied the images and text, which  were supplied by an unseen power.  It isn’t beyond the realm of possibility that some were paid and some were forced or felt forced due to fears of being branded a racist and added to a blacklist.

But the investigation is still in progress yet the celebrities began making or implying unverified claims of a racial motives and naming the prosecutor.  This was, is, and will continue to be very dangerous.  These celebrities have poured fuel on the fire while they themselves rest in their heavily-guarded luxury homes.

The consequences could not only be violence in Kansas City but beyond.  The violence could lead to further injuries and probably deaths. There could be property damage which could take years to overcome.  The social media posts also reinforce the 'systemic racism' or 'all Caucasians are racist' narratives.  It drives societal division.

It could cause despondency in the minds of black people who relied solely on the slides to learn about the shooting. It could cause them to give up on education, because they think that, irrespective of their abilities, they will be shot by a white man.  Perhaps some among them take up arms and preemptively strike at anyone about whom they have a bad feeling.

The social media giants could have suppressed these provocative posts, because the dangers were real.  They were quick to target Trump, but here they remained passive observers.

The alleged shooter turning himself in and the boy being discharged from hospital is good news.  But there is no guarantee that those looking to raise funds or seek publicity will allow facts to interrupt their narrative.

Seemingly spontaneous protest movements that erupt in coordinated fashion are not unique to the US.  Around three years ago, India passed three new farm laws there were essential reforms to align the farming sector with the free market and restrict government interference.  For nefarious elements looking to harm the current government and possibly destabilize the nation, this was a sterling opportunity.

The farmers began a protest by blockading a highway that led to India’s capital, Delhi.  In parallel, representatives of the protesting farmers were negotiating with the government.

Also supporting the protest were Meena Harris, niece of US vice-president Kamala Harris, Rep Ilhan Omar, Rihanna, Susan SarandonTrevor NoahJohn Cusack, and others. Doubtlessly none of these celebrities knew much about the farm laws or the situation in India. But they supported the protest anyway.

Also joining the protest: Juvenile ‘Activist’ Greta Thunberg; it is doubtful she would even be able to point to India on a map, but it hardly mattered.  Thunberg was important to these protests because her mistake revealed what we always suspected.  Thunberg and her handlers was so incompetent that they accidentally tweeted a toolkit that revealed a campaign to spread chaos and instability across India using the protests.

The toolkit documents revealed that there was nothing spontaneous about the protests and neither the ‘celebrities’ join in because their heart was in the right place.  It is not beyond the realm of possibility that all celebrities joined in for a price.  Every aspect of the protest including the content of tweets and the images were provided by an unknown force. There were even rumors that George Soros was funding the troublemakers

There were various incidences of violence where protestors engaged in property damage.  The protestors even desecrated a monument by planting their flags beside the Indian national flag on the anniversary that India became a Republic. This was a desecration of the monument and a symbolic attack on the Indian state.  There were also reports of violence in Delhi on the day, causing injury to the police and citizens

The protests lasted for almost a year and the blockade of the highway caused Indian businesses a loss of hundreds of millions of dollars.

The freedom to protest is an essential part of democracy, in the USA as in India. But when anger is covertly manipulated to achieve political ends that the protestors do not understand or would not support, then politics becomes corrupted.

Hopefully, sanity, which is rare in these times of collective hysteria, will prevail in Kansas City and beyond.

Update: Tucker Carlson pointed out last night that a white woman was shot under similar circumstances without President Biden making a statement or anone bringing race into the matter:


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