Will the Dems dump Kamala for Susan Rice?

Kamala Harris is a big problem for the Democrats as Joe Biden’s senility becomes harder and harder to disguise. Harris is widely disliked, if not regarded as an embarrassing joke, with her trademark cackle betraying an utter unsuitability for high office. If Biden has to step down before the election of 2024, or if he does not ultimately run for re-election, denying the office of the presidency or the party’s nomination to Harris would be difficult. But not impossible.

Has anybody else noticed the increasing visibility of Susan Rice, Joe Biden’s domestic policy advisor?  Rice is thought by many to be acting president due to the dementia episodes now more and more common in the occupant of the White House? See, for example, how Susan Rice was the source explaining the administration’s new child care executive orders, even though Biden did the announcement in the Rose Garden Tuesday. At this point, nobody expects Biden to be current with the details of the program, but Rice assuredly is.

Then, there’s the racial demagoguery of Rice appearing before Al Sharpton’s National Action Network claiming:

In the last 20 years, the U.S. had a GDP shortfall of $16 trillion due to discrimination against Black Americans.[3] If we closed our racial gaps, we would add $5 trillion to GDP over the next five years. That’s not my math.  That’s according to Citi Bank. We all benefit when every community has the chance to thrive.

YouTube screengrab

Now, if the Dems are to be rid of the Kamala albatross, they need a female and a black to replace her. In fact, a black who could claim descent from American slaves would be even better than Harris’s raised-in-Canada, half Asian demographic cred with the all-important African American voting bloc, whose turnout has a lot to do with Democrats’ success at the polls.

Kamala might not wish to resign the vice presidency, but a mixture of carrots and sticks might well get her out of the Naval Observatory residence of the veep.  Or prevent her from running for the presidency if Biden is able to serve out his first term and not run. After all, we have seen that raising money is no problem at all for the Democrats, and a permanent sinecure for Kamala should not be hard to fund.

So, keep your eyes on Susan Rice. I am damn sure Kamala is.

Hat tip: Richard Baehr

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