Biden emerges as the 'Fagin' for exploited migrant children

Not too long ago, Joe Biden held President Trump up to scorn for his immigration policies, calling them "inhumane," "criminal," and a "stain." 

Biden denounced Trump's separation of families policies, intended to disincentivize family migration rackets, given that the law required detention for adults caught crossing the U.S. border illegally but not children.  The policy had been started under President Obama, so it was hardly his idea.  Biden made such an issue of it that he even sought out separated families and tried to make them millionaires through torts payouts, courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer, based on all the supposed "harm" of the separation following their thousand-mile journeys to el norte in the tender hands of the cartels.  Biden insisted on never sending back unaccompanied minors, pleasing the open borders lobby mightily.

Now the results of his own supposedly "humane" immigration policies are in, and they are even more inhumane than anything he ever accused Trump of doing.

According to the New York Times, child exploitation has become a massive crisis in this country, affecting tens of thousands of foreign children brought in through Joe's open borders.

Worse still, Biden administration officials knew about the huge child-slavery rackets emerging and ignored every single warning — almost as if they wanted it to be happening.

In the spring of 2021, Linda Brandmiller was working at an arena in San Antonio that had been converted into an emergency shelter for migrant children. Thousands of boys were sleeping on cots as the Biden administration grappled with a record number of minors crossing into the United States without their parents.

Ms. Brandmiller's job was to help vet sponsors, and she had been trained to look for possible trafficking. In her first week, two cases jumped out: One man told her he was sponsoring three boys to employ them at his construction company. Another, who lived in Florida, was trying to sponsor two children who would have to work off the cost of bringing them north.

She immediately contacted supervisors working with the Department of Health and Human Services, the federal agency responsible for these children. "This is urgent," she wrote in an email reviewed by The New York Times.

But within days, she noticed that one of the children was set to be released to the man in Florida. She wrote another email, this time asking for a supervisor's "immediate attention" and adding that the government had already sent a 14-year-old boy to the same sponsor.

This being the Biden administration, they even retaliated against whistleblowers inside the U.S. government agencies who tried to warn about the child slavery they saw before their eyes, fostered and enabled by the Bidenite policies.

Ms. Brandmiller also emailed the shelter's manager. A few days later, her building access was revoked during her lunch break. She said she was never told why she had been fired.


At least five Health and Human Services staff members filed complaints and said they were pushed out after raising concerns about child safety.

Jallyn Sualog was the most senior career member of the H.H.S. division responsible for unaccompanied migrant children when Mr. Biden took office. She had helped build the program after the passage of the 2008 law and, as a lifelong Democrat, had celebrated Mr. Biden's win.

But soon, she said, she began to hear reports that children were being released to adults who had lied about their identities, or who planned to exploit them.

She warned her bosses in a 2021 email, "If nothing continues to be done, there will be a catastrophic event." She continued to email about situations she described as "critical" and "putting children at risk."

When her warnings fell on deaf ears, she complained through official channels, and they demoted her, moving her to a lousier position.

This sounds like something out of Dickens.  Weren't there evil characters such as Bill Sikes and Fagin, who exploited street-urchin children in Oliver Twist?  I looked up such examples on ChatGPT, which is kind of good for such questions, and got this:

  1. Bill Sikes from the novel "Oliver Twist" by Charles Dickens (also various movie adaptations) — Bill Sikes is a brutal and violent criminal who exploits Oliver Twist, a young orphan, by using him in his criminal activities and treating him with cruelty and abuse.
  2. Fagin from the novel "Oliver Twist" by Charles Dickens (also various movie adaptations) — Fagin is a criminal who exploits and manipulates young boys, including Oliver Twist, into a life of pickpocketing and crime. He preys on their vulnerability and uses them for his own gain.

We can add Joe Biden to that list, given his horrific activity ensuring that the child labor rackets go on, and small children are handed over to evil exploiters for their labor whether they like it or not.  Biden not only has a funny connection to child sex exploitation rackets, but also seems to have one to child labor rackets.  Andrea Widburg wrote about that here.  This is very strange stuff for a president of the United States.

The Times also noted that White House domestic adviser, Susan Rice, understood very well that Biden administration policies of keeping unaccompanied minors inside the U.S. was what was driving the migrant surge. 

In 2021, as images of children sleeping under foil blankets in overflow centers dominated the news, Susan E. Rice, the White House's head of domestic policy, told staff members she was frustrated with the situation, according to five people who worked with her. Ms. Rice vented in a note she scribbled on a memo detailing the position of advocates, who believed a pandemic-era border closure was compelling parents to send unaccompanied children, sometimes called U.C.s.

It's a damning follow-on report from their earlier exposé on February 27, and well worth reading the whole thing because it's one outrage after another — stories of NGOs trying to warn the government they were releasing kids into the hands of child labor rackets straight out of Upton Sinclair's 1903 bestseller, The Jungle, and going ignored if not penalized, while children were being used for cheap labor in factories, slaughterhouses, assembly lines, and other places kids shouldn't be working at under any circumstances.  Yet they were and still are, often at graveyard hours, and of course at very low wages, sometimes absent wages because the children have "debts" to pay to human-traffickers.  I wrote about the extent of that problem after the first NYT exposé, here.  This subsequent report pretty well shows that the matter is even worse.

As a coda, it's worth noting that there is a flap going on now about NBC News pulling a story about child migrant labor, which seems to be seeping into the mainstream press now that the Times has given a coast-is-clear signal to the other press.  The broadcasting outlet featured a migrant named "Pedro" who claimed to be a child but wasn't a child, and he was the featured poster boy for the story about child labor exploitation.  It was a lousy error, and they should have used a last name for their source, or found one who would give one, as the Times did, and the error does make the story an embarrassment.  AT contributor Rajan Laad looked at that issue today here.

But it's important to note that the broad substance of the report is correct: there are tens of thousands of children being released into the U.S. for child labor purposes by Biden administration officials, who are trying to repress any criticism of their behavior.  Might that have been part of the reason NBC pulled the story instead of just left it up, errors and all, the way most news outlets normally do, especially if it involves President Trump?  It's worth consideration to think that the news honchos didn't like this story at all, as it cast a finger at the Bidenites, and wanted it out of there anyway.  Funny how that happens to an inconvenient story like this.

Image: Screen shot from MSNBC video via YouTube.

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